CPP Scolds Govt. for Fluid Security Situation -Amidst Violence on UL Campus

MONROVIA – The opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) says Liberia is increasingly descending into lawlessness, insecurity and instability under the watch of President George Weah who remains conspiratorially silent in the wake of the creeping anarchy that threatens to engulf the country.

Making its position known in a press statement dated March 14, 2023, the CPP specifically referenced the Monday, March 13, 2023 violence on the main campus of the University of Liberia and surrounding streets that turned into scenes of chaos, violence and disruptions to the flow of normal activities.

“There are reports of at least one death, several arrests and multiple injuries, all of which were avoidable. Increasingly, we are witnessing the systematic breakdown of law and order, and the unfortunate return of our society to living under conditions of fear, intimidation and violence. This is unhealthy for our democracy, and dangerous for the peace, security, stability and development of the nation.

“The reckless incident of Monday is one in a troubling list of creeping lawlessness with impunity. From drug peddling to the illegal import of weapons into the country, there are disturbing reports that agencies and individuals with both appointive and elective responsibilities to ensure enforcement of the law are themselves conspiring and enabling the commission of crimes and the breakdown of the rule of law.

“On his watch, and over the disappointingly conspiratorial silence of President George Weah – except when he chooses to illegally interfere in ongoing criminal investigations and litigations on the side of alleged criminals – Liberia is increasingly descending into lawlessness, insecurity and instability. We continue to see rising crimes in our streets and communities, and unsolved murders and so-called mysterious deaths of citizens,” the CPP lamented.

The leading Liberian opposition tent said it has continued to urge the government to investigate and bring alleged perpetrators to justice whenever incidents of such occur.

“This is what responsible governments would naturally do in the face of such occurrences. However, our calls for investigations have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. Even when the President has promised investigations into alleged crimes, it has never been done, or reported to have been done, so much so that accused individuals, including close friends and associates are walking free, with obvious impunity. We are, therefore, compelled to conclude that the government is itself too complicit in the lawlessness to act against them, or it is incompetent and unable to do so.

“We wish to sound a warning to the government, its agents, and all concerned that there will be consequences for all crimes against the nation, as well as the evolving conspiracy to undermine the rule of law, risk our peace, and instill fear in the population. Stop now, or there will be no hiding place for you tomorrow!

“Under a CPP-led Government, all involved in the commission of these and other crimes against the Liberian people will dutifully answer as all alleged criminals in a lawful society should, irrespective of status or position. An increasingly lawless, unstable and insecure Liberia ultimately benefits no one,” the CPP cautioned sternly.

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