CPP Holds Leadership Retreat for Nimba Chapter -Gives Two Vehicles, 40 Motorbikes to Enhance Operations

MONROVIA – The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) over the weekend held a leadership retreat for its Nimba County Chapter in Gipo, District #8 where CPP National Chairman Musa Hassan Bility, in offciailly opening the retreat indicated that the workshop was to provide detailed strategy and structure information about the CPP and assign responsibilities.

Chairman Bility also informed the Nimba chapter that the CPP standard-bearer would make donations to the CPP Nimba Chapter. Chairman Bility encouraged participants to follow every stage of the workshop as it will enhance the operations of the CPP going forward.

He indicated that the hardship in the country is sufficient notice to tell Liberians that the Weah government needs to be one term, saying it’s time to work for the change that the country deserves.

The CPP, in leaving no stone unturned to capture the votes in Liberia’s second vote-rich region, also presented two vehicles and 40 motorbikes, in addition to the already 40 motorbikes deployed, to enhance the operations of the CPP Nimba County Chapter.

Making the presentation during the CPP retreat, Standard Bearer Alexander B. Cummings expressed appreciation for the show of support and commitment from the team in Nimba and promised to live up to their expectations of the party. Mr. Cummings furthered that the donation made to Nimba County’s CPP Chapter will be replicated in the other 14 counties where CPP has structures.

During the elaborate program, the CPP standard-bearer was traditionally welcomed by the district commissioner, chiefs, elders, youth and women groups.

The Chairman of the CPP Legislative Caucus and Nimba County District #8 lawmaker Larry Nyanquoi, chairperson of the CPP Legislative Caucus, who is also domiciled in and represents Nimba County District #8 at the Liberian Legislature, officially welcomed Standard Bearer Cummings and entourage to Nimba and District #8, following which Representative Nyanquoi proffered greetings on behalf of the Teachers Association, religious council, students’ association and women groups of the district, while presenting their requests to Mr. Cummings.

Representative Nyanquoi said it is common knowledge that the people of Nimba love development, but the hardship brought upon them by the corrupt practices of the Weah-led government has slowed down development in the county. He said the people of Nimba have keenly observed Mr. Cummings’ stance against corruption and will therefore support him.

In their respective welcoming remarks, the various groups applauded Mr. Cummings for his stance against corruption and for consistently advocating for change in Liberia. They promised to do their part by electing him to fight corruption, with the hope that he will remain consistent even when elected as president.

One particular group, the “District 8 Movement for Cummings 2023”, in their petition indicated that their decision to support Mr. Cummings was due to his responsible leadership of the CPP and his fight for change as they, especially the young people, will have no future if the Weah administration is retained in power comes 2023.

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