CPP Extends Independence Day Salutations to All Liberians  -Extols The Nation’s Resilience During Two Health Scourges

Liberia is 173 years old today, marking the day the country declared its independence and proclaimed the freedom of its people. As the nation celebrates the occasion of its Independence, the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) has extolled Liberians for remaining determined and courageous even after a 15-year civil war and two public health disasters – Ebola and Covid-19.

“The Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is proud of the perseverance and tenacity of Liberians through this rich, but challenging history,” an official statement from the country’s lead opposition amalgamation proclaimed, noting that after 173 years existence, the Liberian people remain determined and courageous.

“This is why the CPP extends happy Independence Day greetings to all residents and citizens of Liberia, wherever they may be,” the statement continued.

The CPP statement signed by its Chairman Alexander B. Cummings, further enjoined the citizenry to remember and reflect on the road travelled, and remind themselves of the journey ahead of them as a nation.

“We are challenged by the difficulties of Covid-19, and many of us face daily challenges to live the lives we desire, and fulfill our dreams. In spite of these difficulties, let us remain determined and stand united to defeat Covid-19, for it cannot and must not defeat us,” CPP advised.

“Don’t forget, Covid-19 is real. Continue to observe all health protocols – wear your mask, wash your hands and keep social distance,” the CPP cautioned.

The opposition group also specifically extended Independence Day Greetings to the President and Government of Liberia; the Christian and Islamic communities; Elders, Zoes, Bodeos and Traditional leaders.

“We wish all of you joyous Independence Day celebrations. As we reflect on this day, let us remain united, remembering that in union strong, success is sure. Finally, we must also remain determined and stand united in working for a better society that will provide opportunities for all of us to live the lives we desire and fulfill our dreams. God bless Liberia and God bless the people!” the CPP enjoined.

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