A Major Capacity Building Initiative for the Cabinet Secretariat Conducted

 As part of its program of support to core government functions, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the Africa Cabinet Government Network (ACGN), has completed the first phase of a capacity strengthening and skills enhancement program for the Cabinet Secretariat.

The objective is to enable the Cabinet Secretariat to effectively support the Government to coordinate decision-making and implementation of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), the development of which was supported by UNDP in 2018.

Specifically, the training strengthened the Secretariat’s skills in preparing draft Cabinet agendas, organizing Cabinet meetings, follow-up on Cabinet decisions and improving cross-institutional coordination through the establishment of an effective database of Cabinet documents. In addition, the training also built the skills of Secretariat personnel to support Ministries prepare the implementation plans and implementation reports required by the new Cabinet Guide for Ministries, supported by UNDP last year.

Upon completion of the intense two-week training on 21 February, all Cabinet Secretariat staff received certificates signifying their successful completion of the first training phase, which runs from February till May 2019.

UNDP Deputy Resident Representative, Cleophas Torori, emphasized that this is only the first step and that “UNDP will continue to work with you through this journey of building and strengthening your work processes and operational procedures to achieve better results.”

The Director General of the Cabinet Secretariat, Jordan Sulonteh applauded UNDP’s support and the partnership forged with the ACGN, noting that H.E. President George Weah acknowledges the important contribution being made by UNDP to the implementation of the Pro poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development.

He noted that the training has increase the knowledge base which will help the Secretariat staff remain committed to yielding the results needed to enhance the work of the Cabinet.

“You are the key, the engine and the gear box to ensuring professionalism, expertise and teamwork within this Secretariat and I’m proud of the level of commitment and interest demonstrated by all of you,” stated Mr. Sulonteh.

He underlined his hope and belief that the training will help the staff execute their duties with the confidence and quality needed to make partners and Liberia proud.

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