Stakeholders Reports Highlights Climate Change Impact

UNDP working in close collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has presented findings of an assessment on the Gender and Social Impact of Climate Change in Liberia.

Stakeholders from key line Ministries attended a one-day presentation of the report Friday 22, February 2019. Also in attendance were agencies, commissions and academia among others, to include Ministry of Gender and Social Protection, Forestry Development Authority, Ministry of Agriculture, National Disaster Agency, University of Liberia etc.

The report confirms that climate change has human rights, socio-economic and gender dimensions given that droughts, extreme weather events, tropical storms, floods and sea level rises have a disproportionately large effect on the poorest people and undermine efforts for human development, human productivity and capability.

It highlights the needs and interest of women and men and how to build upon existing   development strategies and processes that will inform gender inclusive priority adaptation actions for sustainable growth and resilience of women, men, girls and boys.

The Minister of Gender and Children Social Protection, Williiametta Tarr, expressed the hope that the assessment will guide the conversation towards showcasing gender mainstreaming into adaptation measures that will lead to greater results.

“Women as agents of change, can contribute immensely to decision making processes, building networks and sharing information that will lead to gains in gender mainstreaming in the protection of the environment,” Tarr stressed.

UNDP Pillar Head for its Sustainable Economic Transformation Programme, Dorsla Farcathy, said the recruitment of a gender specialist through the NAPs project has assisted in the training of relevant Stakeholders on practical tools and methods to incorporate gender dimensions into every aspect of programme activities.

“We can only achieve this through concerted efforts and undivided commitment you have already displayed with your support for the National Adaptation Plan project (NAP) since its inception,” said Farcathy.

Also making remarks at the event, Deputy Director General at the EPA, Randall Doubayou praised UNDP for the continued support under the NAPs project emphasizing that gender mainstreaming in the energy and environment sector remains a critical cross cutting issue that helps strengthen the rights of women, youth and men across all spheres of life.

On his part, Ameh Sherriff, representing the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency, Henry O. Williams expressed hope that the information from the findings will be used to help mitigate the effects of climate change.

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