Wolokollie Raps On Gov’t Efforts To Ensure Economic Stability

(LINA) – The Deputy Minister for Fiscal Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP), Samora Wolokollie, has revealed that the government is exerting more efforts and currently putting into place measures aimed at ensuring economic growth and stability.
Wolokollie stated that these mechanisms will be manifested and the results would include an improved fiscal cushion, a more realistic budget and streamlined expenditure consistent with approved allocations.
Wolokollie made the revelation over the weekend at a program marking the Re-launch of the membership fund-drive of the Center for the Exchange of Intellectual Opinions (CEIO) on Carey Street in Monrovia.
“Despite our individual and collective desire to improve the living conditions and economic climate,” Wolokollie noted, “there are still some challenges confronting the nation.”
He added that President George Manneh Weah is determined to confront these challenges and provide remedies.
He asserted that the CDC-led Government has the vision, mindset, capability and ability to confront the obstacles and subsequently improve the living standards of the people.
Wolokollie assured Liberians that the Government will never forget those who are credited for propelling it to power, noting that, “the masses will and can never be abandoned or deserted.”
“Ours is a Pro-Poor Government that is preoccupied with changing the conditions of the ordinary people and by extension all Liberians for the better, with your unbending support, we can achieve the programs and objectives set out in the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD),” he added.
He indicated that the transformation of Liberia’s economy for the betterment of Liberians remains the ultimate objective of the Government, indicating that “before the end of our political stewardship during these first six years, Liberia would have had more paved roads than anyone can imagine.”
Wolokollie stressed:  “Liberia’s economy will improve, the lives of our people will be better, the job market will flourish, the exchange rate will stabilize, job creation mechanisms will be put in place and there will be an improvement in the microeconomic conditions, among others.”
“We are a hopeful people in a hopeful nation, we did not assume state power to fail our people, our tenacity and dedication to good governance and economic growth will not waver,” he maintained. LINA

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