Weah Rubbishes ‘Losers Lies’ -Says Claims He’s Peddling Drugs Is Untrue

MONROVIA: In these critical times of political mongering, it seems no politician is taking anything lying down; certainly not incumbent President George Manneh Weah who and his Coalition for Democratic Change have been vigorously pushing their 2023 campaign plan to what they call one-round victory.

Though it would be bizarre for anyone to think a president of a nation would push drugs, nor give attention to allegations of such, President Weah is aware of the tenuous times and is therefore not letting the trumped up allegations pass a day without rebuke.

Thus in a robust way to deconstruct the “lies and misrepresentation” being hauled at him, President George Manneh Weah, who is on a seemingly campaign trail in the Western Region of Liberia, has once again heavily descended on those whom he termed as “detractors and losers” bent on tarnishing his name and character.

In an apparently attempt put spin on the growing specter of harmful drugs and substances in the country, some political opponents of the President have been alleging that the President is actively involved in importing harmful drugs that are decimating the youthful population.

But he said such a “rubbish comes from the belly of desperate evil politicians” bent on vile campaign tactics” since they have nothing substantive to tell the electorate, who have made up their minds give him a second term.

President Weah, speaking yesterday in Bo Waterside, Grand Cape Mount County, where he continued his campaign tour and dedicated a modern ECOWAS Market in that part of the county, said desperate politicians seeking power at all cost were shamelessly seeking survival through every available medium from the waterloo awaiting them October 10 by indulging into baseless and senseless allegations against him.

He said with the election about 6 weeks to go, most of his opponents whom he called “detractors” have gone out of ideas as to how to unseat him democratically but have decided to thrive on all kinds of negative thoughts to deceive the people for votes, adding “they and their plans will fail” because the shots against him are too cheap to be swallowed by the electorate.

“You can see that they don’t have anything to say about me again, and as such they are coming out with lies to deceive you; but don’t mind them,” the President told swarms of citizens at the campaign rally. “They are losers.”

He quipped: “How can you say it is George Weah bringing in drugs in this country? This country has been in existence since 1847; the drugs case in the last 12 years, what they said the Chief Security took and said that was somebody’s child. Was it I who was bringing in the drugs? Was I in government? So what are they talking”?

The President continued: “In the last 12 years, they caught drugs and the drugs were in the custody of the security agencies. Was it George Weah who brought the drugs in at the time? So you must not listen to them because in 12 years, they have nothing to show. In 12 years, what they failed to do is what we have did in 6 years.”

He told the people of Cape Mount County that, as the current president of Liberia, he is striving to leave a lasting legacy; he does not want his deeds to be judged negatively, to be recorded in the wrong books of history.

He said his life history has been characterized by overcoming challenges and setting classic records in the process, some of which cannot be broken so easily, adding that he has been able to replicate such a pedigree in politics.

“People who thought I was nothing are looking on unbelievably as I rose from one stage to another until I became President of the Republic of Liberia today,” he said.

President Weah, expanding on the legacy he will leave behind after the presidency, said he has done more developments in the country since its independence than any other leader and that his second term will be more rewarding—something for which Liberians should see reasons to re-elect him.

“Liberia is 176 years old but what we see today is more than the 171 years before I took office,” the ruling CDC Standard-Bearer said. “So, let us seize the moment to change the development landscape of this country and surely with sincerity of purpose, we can build this country together.”

“We will continue to encourage and inspire the young people to prepare for the future and that is the reason why we are investing in their education,” he said further.

“The opposition is saying paying for WASSCE is nothing; building roads is nothing; providing tuition free opportunities at higher institutions is nothing,” President Weah continued. “But I continue to ask them: if these unprecedented milestones are nothing then what are they going to do? That means my opponents have nothing to offer the country and so don’t mind them.”

He told the audience the essence of maintaining peace and mutually co-existing because without such conditions, there will be no development. “That is why I want to encourage you that if you support me, be like me, be peaceful and learn to live with each other without confusion.”

Earlier upon his arrival at the venue of the program, President Weah dedicated a modern market for the people, the ECOWAS Market, and said that what was done there has been done at other locations throughout the country.

“We have built more market structures for our people in this country more than any other leader since independence,” he asserted, swiftly responding to a request from the marketers for the expansion of the dedicated structure so as to accommodate the growing number of marketers and customers that are making use of the market, including people from as far as Sierra Leone and Guinea.

“Madam, for your request made, I can tell you that next week, I will send people here to start the project since this part of the land belongs to the market people,” he told the head of the marketers.

“We just need to build a bridge across this place and then expand it beyond here so that you will do your business without difficulties,” said amidst cheers from the audience.

During the interaction with the people, the citizens lauded him for the numerous contributions he has made and continues to make since his ascendency to the presidency in 2018 and vowed to re-elect him come October 10, 2018.

At the end of the program, President Weah and party then moved to Kinjor, a populated mining community that gave him massive votes during the 2017 general elections that propelled him to victory ahead of other contenders.

Like in other places where he visited and got numerous endorsements, the people of Kinjor voiced their overwhelming support to the President’s re-election bid and to ensure that he wins on the first ballot.

President Weah, who was on the campaign trail with a high power delegation that included Vice President Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, Minister of Internal Affairs Varney Sirleaf, among others said he was very glad that the people continued with the trust in 2017 and that he has taken their assurance in good faith to support him for his re-election and vowed not to disappoint them when he gets the votes on October 10, 2023.

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