“We dare the Govt. to Arrest Justice Scott”-UP SG Tweh -Says plan is to undermine JNB’s naming of running mate

MONROVIA – As controversies continue to trail the murder case of the late Cherloe Musu, the Secretary General of the Unity Party(UP), Amos Tweh has said there are indications that the government has concluded plans to arrest Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott as the killer of the young lady, and dared the government not to contemplate on the action as it will be resisted, asserting that alleged plan was crafted to undercut the momentum being built preparatory to the naming of the running mate to the standard bearer UP Mr. Joseph Nyuma Boakai.

Speaking in a live phone in program on Wednesday, April 26, 2023, Tweh who had gone to the studio to give an update of the activities leading to the program slated for Friday, April 28, 2023 during which the party will officially unveil its number 2 partisan, said that the party is not taking the rumor of the alleged arrest and will not sit down supinely while the government commits “marriage of justice” using the murder case.

“We are getting indications that the government has been finding ways to reduce the momentum of the Friday’s program. So we are being told that they have been advised to arrest Gloria Musu Scott.

“But I want to say to you or who is anticipating to do that, when you attempt to arrest Gloria Musu Scott you will have to arrest all of us on that Thursday.

Tweh who stated that the case has been compromised, wondered why would someone ever believe that Cllr Scott would be doer of the dastard act against a young lady “that was born in the woman’s hands, crawled in her hands, went to school from her support from elementary and got her college education.”

“What will someone think that Gloria Musu Scott will want to kill her own daughter to gain glory?

“She has served as Minister of Justice, Chief Justice of Liberia, head of the National Elections Commission, head of the Presidential Review, Senator of Maryland County. She has served in almost all of the top positions besides the President and Vice President in the country”, Tweh said.

He alleged since the government has not been able to find evidence to implicate the renowned jurist, it has been forcing the Minister of Justice, Cllr . Frank Musa Dean to come up with some sort of indictment “to the extent that Musa Dean, we are told has refused consistently to serve indictment on Gloria Musu Scott, so they are making him to bend backward to serve the indictment”.

“But we want to say here for the record, if you arrest Gloria Musu Scott on Thursday or beyond Thursday, wherever she is, we will be there with her”, he said.

When asked why was he taking up issues with the government reported action to arrest Cllr. Scott when it could have reasons to do so from the outcome of investigation conducted by the police, Tweh retorted and said the government was playing games with the case as there has not being any information or legitimate claims from the investigation to warrant the arrest and prosecution from the police.

He said the UP is a firm believer in the rule of law will not ordinarily obstruct justice “but for this particular case, it is a miscarriage of justice”

“Even the Minister of Justice indicated that they do not have any case or information from the investigation that was conducted by the police.

“The UP will not sit down on this. It is not rule of law. The police has been politicizing the case from day one when they begin to give false statements, misquote her with misleading information.

“How many cases has the police investigated and up with findings? How about the extra judicial killings, have they given any reports”, he concluded.

  1. Jacob Doe says

    Mehn, you AGENT OF SATAN AMOS TWEH, just shut up! You are all the mistakes of Boakai. You parasite on politics and chronic ignoramuses are so heartless that you would dare want to score political points on the tragedy of an innocent woman, her innocent daughter who was brutally murdered, and the entire family.

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