Varlee Telleh Breaks Silence -Says “I didn’t Leave Liberia

MONROVIA – The man in the midst of the controversies surrounding the allegations from Cllr. Jerome Verdier, former Chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation as being linked to the gruesome attack on the residence of Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, former Chief Justice of Liberia, Mr. Varlee Telleh yesterday appeared at a press conference hosted by the Monrovia City Police when he denied ever committing the act and that he did not leave the country to evade justice as was alleged by the former TRC boss.

Speaking at the press conference held at the Monrovia City Hall yesterday, Varlee Telleh said he was at a loss hearing that he was accused by Cllr. Verdier and wondered how Verdier arrived at the conclusion that he was responsible for the attack on the residence of Cllr. Musu-Scott that led to the death of Miss Cherloe Musu and injuries to others at the residence when gunmen invaded her recently in BrewerVille.

He said the insinuation is far from the truth, stressing that the allegation may have been crafted out from his role during the civil war were he was a combatant with the ULIMO,  one of the many warring factions during the days of the brutal war  and denied that he was involved in the intrusion at the residence of Cllr. Scott.

Varlee, who was accompanied to the press conference by senior officers of the Monrovia City Police including the Director, Thomas Garwo, denounced the accusation by Cllr. Verdier whom he also accused of a well-crafted plan with the aid of his former combatant colleague, Sheikh Sackor to damage his reputation and malign the image of the Lord Mayor of Monrovia, Jefferson Tamba Koijee as a prime target.

When asked where was he during the night of Wednesday, February 22, 2023, when the incident occurred, Varlee said he was on assignment at the Monrovia City Hall, when he was called by a friend early Thursday morning that his name had been mentioned into an armed robbery incident at the former Chief Justice home. He said though a resident in Banjor, Brewerville, he leaves early every morning and comes back late due to the nature of his assignment and knew nothing about what occurred at the residence of Cllr. Scott.

Responding to a question on what was said by Cllr. Verdier that he was taken out of the country to evade justice, Varlee stated there was no iota of truth in the story as there was no way he would have been out of the country and still accompanied Mr. Koijee and team to Nimba to participate in an official engagement and expressed surprise that Cllr. Verdier would have elevated such a story to the public.

 Also speaking at the press conference, MCC Police Director, Thomas Garwo, refuted claims made by Verdier that Varlee Telleh was in the employ of the MCC police as a Deputy Director, stating that contrary to such claims, Varlee is actually a patrol man and challenged anyone to prove otherwise.

Garwo also dismissed the allegations which flooded the social media with a photo of Varlee carrying a 45 pistol, saying the said photo was taken about 45 years ago when Varlee was in active combat duty with the defunct Ulimo-K.. He pointed out that the said photo was given to Verdier by Sheikh Sackor.

Speaking on why Koijee has not owned up to Varlee following the allegation that Varlee was alleged to have been involved in the alleged murder of Miss Cherloe Musu and the injuries meted out on the residents, , Garwo asserted that the question had security implications to which Mayor Koijee could not adequately address but there was nothing incriminating in it.

 It can be recalled that while appearing on the popular Spoon TV Talk show, Cllr. Verdier who also made some other allegations linking the government to other murder cases in the country called out Varlee Telleh as the mastermind behind the attack, claiming him to hold a high profile position as a Deputy Director of the MCC police who acted strictly on the orders of Lord Mayor Koijee.

Verdier also alleged that as soon as the attack  was carried out, Varlee was sent out of the country to destroy evidence and that there were pieces of evidence to nail him to the allegation.

Meanwhile, Mayor Koijee who was also accused by Verdier had denied all the allegations and had even indicated to sue the human rights activist as soon as his lawyers finalize their study of the legal process.

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