US Embassy Response To Morlue’s Plea Favorable -Possible Relief Underway for National Fire Service

MONROVIA: Patriotism, for some people, is a virtue that comes only when one is privileged to be at the pinnacles of political and entrepreneurial. It is rare for many to seek the good of society if not in the limelight of privileged authority. Barely a modicum of Liberians establishes the difference by eschewing ideological bigotry and putting their country first despite their situation. Morlu K. Morlu, who metamorphosed recently from a prestigious and firebrand partisan authority to the headship of a burgeoning grassroots social change movement, has been heralding the new dynamics of patriotism. It can be recalled, amid heightened fire crisis which left both elite and ordinary Liberians homeless, Morlu tendered a communication to the United States Emergency near Monrovia pleading earnestly for its support to the logistics-starved, near-insolvent Liberia National Fire Service. As The Analyst reports, positive tidings are glowing from the target of the communication; the Embassy has responded positively to the Morlu supplication, promising a intervention in the near future.

The United States Embassy has officially responded to the April 16, 2024 letter it received from the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of the Solidarity and Trust for a New Day (STAND), Mr. Mulbah K. Morlu – a letter he used to request the embassy to assist the government and people of Liberia improve the capacity of the National Fire Service Agency amid widespread fire incidents in the country, mainly Montserrado County.

Morlu, in the communication addressed to Ms. Catherine Rodriquez, Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Liberia, asked the US government through her office to help equip the Liberia Fire Service Department.

“With urgency attached to this communication, we are soliciting your assistance to aid the Liberia National Fire Service in confronting the increasingly alarming fire outbreaks that persistently devastate our nation, leading to tragic loss of lives and extensive damage to properties,” Morlu stated in the communication to the Embassy.

Accordingly, in a response letter to Mr. Morlu dated April 22, 2024, Madam Catherine Rodriquez acknowledged receipt of the letter of appeal, thanked Morlu for bringing the grave fire problem to the attention of the embassy, and promised a level of assistance that the US can provide.

“Thank you for your letter of assistance to equip the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS),” the US diplomat stated. “We appreciate you bringing to our attention the need to improve the fire safety and response capabilities in Liberia.”

She said the US Embassy was looking through its internal mechanism to see how “we can provide assistance”.

“This will take some time,” Madam Rodriquez warned, adding that the Embassy will reach out to the LNFS “once we determine the level of assistance that we can provide. Thank you again for bringing this important life safety issue to our attention.”

STAND, at the time of writing the appeal letter to the US Embassy, indicated that it is equally compelled to urgently seek assistance from the U.S. Embassy, especially in light of a recent statement by Mr. Edwin Tisdell, the Deputy Director for Operations at the Liberia National Fire Service to the effect that the agency was unable to effectively combat these fire outbreaks due to the increasing demand for fire service, inadequate equipment, and limited financial and logistical support.

“Therefore, this grave fire menace prompts STAND to turn to no other source for urgent assistance than our traditional partners, the United States of America, given our nation’s long-standing relationship with you,” Morlu said then in the letter, stating further that “STAND recognizes that these fire tragedies not only claim precious lives and destroy homes but also exacerbate the already challenging socio-economic conditions.”

STAND observed at the time of request that small businesses, academic institutions, and even religious establishments were experiencing significant losses and disruptions, further increasing socio-economic vulnerabilities for struggling institutions and ordinary citizens.


“This situation poses a growing threat to Liberia’s national security and our nurturing democracy,” the organization told the US Embassy.  “While urging the Liberia National Fire Service to intensify its efforts to investigate these fire outbreaks, STAND re-echoes its humble appeal for logistical support to the Liberia National Fire Service, with additional training programs and workshops to improve urgent firefighting skills and knowledge critically needed to mitigate risks and save lives.”

Specific requests made by STAND in the communication included “safety uniforms for our brave and courageous firemen, which are vital to ensuring their personal safety during emergency responses. Proper attire not only shields them from harm but also improves their professionalism, visibility, and credibility in the public.”

Appreciating Favorable Response

Meanwhile the STAND boss has expressed gratefulness to the US government for its near-possible response to his plea for assistance to the Liberian fire agency.

In his Facebook post, Morlu wrote: “STAND expresses heartfelt gratitude to the Charge d’Affaires of the U.S. Embassy, Ms. Catherine Rodriguez, for her timely response and assurances following STAND’s extended plea to development partners to help equip the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS).”

He also indicated that STAND and the Liberian people remain grateful to the government and people of the United States for the positive assurances to the LNFS and for consistently coming to Liberia’s aid in critical times.

“STAND believes that fire safety is a non-political national emergency. Ensuring the safety of all Liberians should be a concern for everyone, devoid of politics,” Morlu further noted.


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