Stars in the Twilight 2018 – The Analyst Picks Deserving Personalities of the Year

As a matter of our yearend tradition, the management and editorial staff of The Analyst newspaper have always conferred personality titles on individuals from both public and private domains, whose hard works have influenced progress in various sectors of the society. Consistent with this tradition, our personality committee convened in its editorial room and deliberated to find deserving personalities for appropriate recognition. During deliberations in our sitting, several factors were considered and discussed; a lot of competing nominations overwhelmed the discussants. After fallouts on some names, the team reached consensus, as a matter of policy, leading to the selection of our personalities for the Year 2018. Five individuals and one institution stand out in our conclusions. This includes, for instance, President George Gbekugbeh Forkay Jleley Tarpeh Manneh Weah, as our Man of the Year; Human Rights Activist and Articulate Fearless Legal Luminary Cllr. Tiawon Gongloe, our Lawyer of the Year; Known Politician and Civil Engineer, Public Works Minister Mobotu Vlah Nyenpan, our Minister of the Year; Fearless and Outspoken Student Activist, Martin Kollie of CUCUBOMB and Emmanuel Gonqueh of the EFFL as our Advocates of the Year; while Orange-Liberia snatched the award for Media Friendly GSM Company of the Year.  As we celebrate our honourees we say Congratulations for their preferment. We are pleased to present below some of their achievements for which their nominations were approved after a weeklong debate and quarrels amongst us.

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