Snowe Predicts Split in CPP -Threatens to resign from Unity Party

The possibility of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) remaining as a united front to field a single presidential ticket and legislative candidates during the 2023 general elections, received some knocks over the weekend when Bomi County Senator, Edwin Melvin Snowe, Jr did cast serious doubts of it ever happening, saying that definitely the collaboration will not succeed.

Speaking to newsmen over the weekend in Monrovia, Mr. Snowe said he was too sure that former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, political leader of the former ruling Unity Party(UP) will lead one faction while Mr. Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) will lead another group of the CPP.

“There is going to be a split. I have been told by some top people in the Liberty Party who vowed never to ever vote for Mr. Boakai during the primary; that they are going to vote for Mr. Cummings. There are some divisions within the CPP which are going to affect the possibility of them staying together as a single party”, Mr. Snowe told the press.

He noted that if that happens, then President Weah will have an easier sail to getting re-elected.

Mr. Snowe who said her has not aligned himself to any political party in the country since he suspended his membership with UP said that he will quit the party because he was grossly disrespected before the election as he was never consulted as a stakeholder when the decision was reached by the CPP to field Mr. Sando Dazoe Johnson as the sole senatorial candidate representing the All Liberia Party (ALP).

He said all alone the late Senator Lassanah was the presumptive candidate of the CPP since the Bomi County was originally allotted to the UP but overnight and without reference to him when changes were made in the allotment of the various counties to the constituent parties of the CPP, the seat was given to ALP and Mr. Johnson was unilaterally picked.

He said it was at that point that he decided to contest the senatorial race which he won, defeating two other front runners, former Speaker Alex J. Tyler of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change and Mr Johnson. He said he could not fathom why he was treated in that manner where he was betrayed and disrespected, stressing that he was very pleased from the outcome of the result and it has shown to the CPP he cannot be toyed with.

The latest revelation from Senator Snowe will generate another round of debate as to where his true allegiance lies, whether it is still with the opposition or the ruling CDC especially with his recent closeness to President Weah. His detractors believe that he has no true identity right now but will sway to any angle where his interest will be secured and protected.

He stirred up the polity during Mr. Weah’s county tour in Bomi when he told the President that the people of Bomi will not forget him in 2023 if he does what the people need from him. The statement was interpreted from the end of his critics as pledging his unflinching support to Mr. Weah ahead of the 2023 election. He has been denying the allegation, insisting that he was speaking on behalf with his people who had given a conditional statement and besides there is nothing wrong with the people appreciating the President with votes if he did something for them.

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