Sen. Taylor Decries Renewed Cape Mount Violence -Wants IG Sudue Step to the Plate; But Sudue Reacts

Following the long-running legal contentions that occasioned the December 2020 midterm elections in Grand Cape Mount County which settled on Simeon Boima Taylor being finally certificated as the junior senator of Grand Cape Mount County; and as citizens and residents of one of Liberia’s resource richest regions now strive to pick up their lives after months of political tension fueled by electoral violence, news about renewed post-electoral violence specifically in Damballa, rocked the country Saturday, October 2, 2021, with reports that some citizens were wounded, and others fled into the bushes for safety.

Speaking exclusively with The Analyst, Grand Cape Mount County newly elected Senator Simeon Taylor has blamed the attacks on his defeated opponent Victor Watson and his financier idrissa “Bomber” Mansaray. Senator Taylor has also picked bones with the Liberia National Police for not taking action against Victor Watson and his group of attackers for many past attacks on the peace-loving people of Grand Cape Mount County. But as The Analyst has gathered, the Liberia National Police, under the aegis of Inspector General Patrick Sudue is ready to clamp down on anyone who foments trouble in any part of the country, as IG Sudue has informed that he has already deployed forces into the troubled region and that anyone found culpable will face the full weight of the law.

According to Senator Simeon Taylor, this is not the first time that Victor Watson and businessman Idrissa Mansaray have employed their thugs to wreak havoc on the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County, especially those who did not vote for Mr. Watson. Senator Taylor, however, blamed the police for not taking action against Mr. Watson and his financier Idrissa Mansaray for the past and current violence perpetrated against the citizens of Grand Cape Mount County.

“Any time something happens in Cape Mount and a complaint is filed with the police, nothing happens to the same group of people. Those were the same people who burned cars and wounded people during the 2020 midterm senatorial elections. Inspector General Patrick Sudue needs to set a precedent, if not, Victor Watson and his group will continue to embarrass our people.

“It is also bad when the people of our country are attacked and wounded, and we do nothing about it. One man will continue to do the same thing and go with impunity. Yes, as leaders, we make the law, but we are not the ones to enforce the law. The police should be able to enforce the law, if not our people will remain vulnerable to these attacks. All the violence is caused by Victor Watson and Idrissa Mansaray.

“Can you imagine, a whole town couldn’t fight the man. He has a large contingent of Sierra Leoneans on his cocoa farm. This is the group that Idrissa is always using to cause trouble in favor of Victor Watson,” Senator Simeon Taylor disclosed.

According to our correspondent, several persons were flogged and wounded in Damballa Town, Porkpa District, last Saturday, reportedly by supporters of former Senator Victor Watson when the defeated senator and his chief chief financier Idrassa Mansaray on Friday, October 1, 2021 undertook an appreciation tour in Cape Mount to thank the citizens for their votes, even though Mr. Watson had lost the election.

“Victor Watson and his supporters, including Idrissa Mansaray, were all in red berets of the Coalition for Democratic Change. They threw stones at the Damballa Health Center, flogged a classroom teacher identified as Thomas and another lady known as Weyah,” our Grand Cape Mount County correspondent indicated, noting that the fracas ensued when citizens denied Victor Watson and his entourage from holding a “thank-you” program in Damballa Town.

It can be recalled that Porkpa District Paramount Chief, Janminatu Konneh Watson recently frowned on the issue of organizing a “Thank-You” program by former Senator Victor Watson and his chief financier Idrissa Mansaray, saying that it would lead to chaos.

Those who sustained injuries and were flogged in the October 2, 2021 Damballa melee have been transferred to the Sinje Health Center by the assigned ambulance to the Damballa Clinic in Porkpa District, our correspondent confirmed.

Wounded Victim Account

Foday Massaquoi, a supporter of Senator Simeon Taylor, is a citizen of Damballa in Porkpa District, Grand Cape Mount County, and he explains his ordeal.

“When the people were throwing rocks at the hospital, I told them to stop because it would damage my zinc. As soon as I told them to stop, they jumped on me and started to beat on me. I managed to run, but they kept chasing me. I recognized two of my attackers from Binda’s Town. They belonged to the Victor Watson-Idrissa Mansaray group,” Massaquoi said, indicating that when the town authorities contacted the police, they were told that the police would arrive Sunday.

It can be recalled that on December 5, 2020, two vehicles were burnt in Bamballa. The assailants, who were identified to be supporters of former Senator Victor Watson and his financier Idrissa “Bomber” Mansaray, also broke the window glasses of the house of Grand Cape Mount County District One Representative Bob Sheriff.

IG Patrick Sudue Reacts

Against the backdrop of the October 2, 2021 attack on Damballa Town in Grand Cape Mount County, Inspector General Patrick Sudue says the government will ensure that all those who fomented violence in the named area will be dealt with in accordance with the law if they are found culpable.

“I know that we sent officers there today. Anybody who is held culpable for damaging the hospital will be arrested. We dispatched officers there this morning. Going forward, I will call on Victor Watson, Idrissa, all of them; if they are going to any program, they must inform us to avoid these kinds of scrimmages,” IG Sudue informed The Analyst.

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