Right Group Takes Oniyama to Task -For ‘Operating Slot Machine, Casino’

A right group, the Citizens United to Protect the rule of Law& Regulations in Liberia is says it is seriously stirred to the recent violation of regulations of the National Lotteries Authority (NLA) and simultaneously ignoring provision within the amended act by the sitting Board of Directors in favor of a Nigerian wealthy businessman and Ukraine consulate representative in person of Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama, to operate slot machines and Casino gaming business at the former “Embassy night club located in Congo Town opposite the JR gas station at the detriment of school going parents at Cuttington Graduate School.
The Right group in a Press statement read by its National Chairman Peter Flomo Thursday in Monrovia, said having read and analyzed, dissected, the approved March 6, 2015 act to repeal the act incorporating the Liberia National Lotteries corporation of 1993 and to enact in lieu thereof the National Lottery Authority act to “Conduct, Manage, Regulate, and supervise National Lotteries, Lotto and games of chance”, they have come to a logical conclusion of our independent and investigative report that Dr. Oniyama a Jehovah witness, is the mastermind and the senior promoter of bending the regulations of National Lotteries Authority (NLA) for the single most purpose of establishing a Casino gaming business in Congo Town without following the proper regulation as stipulated in the amended act of 2015.
He said the new amended act gives exclusive powers to the Board of Directors to determine potential recipient faith of licenses issuance as provided for in section (3) of 6.2.2 as stated below:
“The Authority may grant Sports Betting License on a case by case basis as approved through a resolution of the Board of Directors, giving due consideration to both the Social and Economic requirements for obtaining a license prescribed in this regulation” Mr. Flomo .
According to him, the act also provides that: “the distance from one premise location from other should be 4miles away, in violation to this regulation; the already operating slot machines and Casino building located in Congo Town is 3.3 miles away from another Casino which is situated in Congo as well. This mile survey was conducted by the Ministry of Public Works. They managed to successfully change the regulations to suit him.
Flomo furthered that the act under this same section prohibits Casino business within zones such as; schools, hospitals, or private homes & residents. In violation also, the already operating slot machines and Casino operation is just few feet away from Cuttington Graduate school in Congo Town, which is a total violation of the regulations of the National Lotteries Authority amended act of 2015.
Dr. Oniyama who he claimed have obtained a Casino’s license during the Sirleaf’s Administration to operate at his River resort in Bushrod island is now violating the regulations of the NLA to leave the locality of Bushrod island and come to operate the Casino in Congo Town aim at amassing more money at the detriment of school going parents at the Cuttington Gradate school right next door.
He pointed out that these violations amongst others; are counterproductive, diabolical and disrespectful to the protection of rule of Laws and lay down regulations, This action warrant the denial of a consumer’s license that Dr. Oniyama is doing all in his powers, strength and resources to obtain from the NLA through the instrumentality of the Board of Directors in a few days.
Flomo used the occasion to call on the attention of President Dr. George Manneh Weah who is a respecter and promoter of the rule of laws and regulations, the Religious head of the Jehovah witness in Liberia whose doctrine is against all forms of gambling, the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, the Ministry of Justice, Minister of Gender, National Teacher Association, the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, the National bar Association, the Director General of National Lotteries Authority (NLA) Cuttington Graduate School Administration, and allwell-meaning citizens not to sit and allow laid down regulations be twisted for the motive of self-aggrandizement against the will of the already struggling masses.
All efforts by the paper to get Mr. Oniyama side of the story proved fruitless up to press time.

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