Road Connectivity Remains a Priority – Says Public Works Minister

Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan has re-echoed the commitment of the CDC-led government to road connectivity in the country, stating that the construction and linking of road networks remais a top priority of the government’s the Pro-Poor Agenda.
During his annual message, President George M. Weah said he will not relent until every nook and cranny is paved in the remotest parts of Liberia.
In keeping with this commitment, Minister Nyenpan said the Liberian leader has broken grounds over the past one year of his leadership for the pavement of community roads in and out of Monrovia.
Speaking on a local radio talk show in Monrovia on Tuesday, Nyenpan noted that the government is working tirelessly to improve the transport sector by upgrading community roads, adding that some of the community roads have been dedicated while others are still under construction.
He noted that President Weah is actively being involved with the road construction process, saying that by doing so the Liberian leader is demonstrating great leadership ability.
This, he said, is also a true representation of the president’s statement or what he meant when he said: “I will connect Liberians to Liberia through roads.”
Nyenpan believes that when President Weah delivers on his promise in road connectivity he will be remembered in the history of Liberia as “a road legend.”
The Minister said all of the ongoing road construction projects are subjected to a limited timeframe with some having a one-year time limit.
He said the Ministry of Public Works is in constant consultation with the construction companies to see how best they can work overtime to finish the road projects within a limited time.
“If you follow the history of Liberia, this administration is moving faster to make sure to overcome all obstacles associated with road construction,” Nyenpan said. LINA

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