PLP Dedicates Nat’l HQ, Inducts Leadership – First Partisan Dr. Cassell Wants Public Officials Accountable

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

The newly established political institution, People’s Liberation Party (PLP) has constituted and  inducted into office interim officials to conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of the party as it vigorously mobilizes members that would drive it to taking the gavel of state power in the 2023 Presidential elections just  as the Party’s political leader and First Partisan  Dr. Daniel E. Cassell wants people in positions of public trust to be held accountable to work for the people and help develop their lives and country.

The auspicious occasion was held over the weekend in Congo Town, Tubman Boulevard at the well-furnished National Headquarters of the party, and was graced by citizens from every nook and cranny of the country. Also gracing the occasion were some diplomatic missions, civil society actors, political parties including the Coalition for Democratic Change and well-wishers amongst others.

Those inducted into office to steer the affairs of the party as interim leaders include former Unity Party Chairman Wilmot J. M. Paye as Interim National Chairman, Tapple E. Doe, National Vice Chairman for Administration and Finance, Alphonso D. Bindah, National Vice Chair for Operation, David Woods Beyan, Sr. National Deputy Secretary General, Stephen T.L Vorkpor, Assistant Secretary for Press Propaganda & Media.

Others include Carlos Tingbeh Edison, National Youth Assembly Chair; Israel Mayou, Acting Vice Chair for Recruitment & Mobilization PLP Youth Assembly; Christiana Christopher, Acting National Vice chairperson for Administration & Women Assembly.

Delivering a special statement at the occasion, Dr. Cassell said democracy can only work best in the country when the voice of every individual heard, saying people in positions of public trust should be held accountable to work for the people and help develop their lives and country. The party  leader stressed that those in power must impartially endeavor to ensure that the marginalized, the disenfranchised and the poor in the society are not repeatedly victimized by the political elites and cunning political actors whose sole aims are to gain government employment and to amass illegal wealth at the disadvantage of the suffering majority.

Expatiating on the compounded systematic challenges undermining the gains made as a nation, Dr. Cassell pointed out that the economy is still struggling to get back on its feet, unemployment is a major challenge compounded by the mass dismissals of workforce from the employment of companies while the people are still spectators in their own economy.

Dr. Cassel also pointed to the education and health systems that are challenged by inadequate domestic resource allocation, limited qualified and trained workforce, and poor service delivery especially for the rural communities and the most vulnerable and physically challenged groups.

To mitigate these challenges and liberate the people, the political leader said the PLP which was established and certificated in December 2020, seeks to become the alternative political institution that will do all in its power by the grace of God, to liberate the people from economic degradation, educational paralysis, health immobility and agriculture decadence through inclusive and democratic participation of all Liberians, irrespective of county, tribe, or social status.

“PLP’s core beliefs of diversity and inclusivity are based on the conviction that collectivism is the progressive path to move our nation forward. It is grounded in the six political tenets: Agriculture, Socio-economy, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Employment, and Infrastructure Developments, with emphasis on improving the Healthcare, Roads, Electricity, Water and Sewer, and Human Resource Development. These five political tenets are the key elements in dignifying with the lives of the Liberian people and developing our country. To these, we pledge our total commitment,” he noted.

Against the contending fear that looms over Liberia about a potential public health situation, Dr. Cassell averred that while the country is still been threatened by COVID-19, Ebola has shown its ugly face again in neighboring Guinea, which raises a public health concern. He said that this should not be downplayed because of the devastating effects Ebola had on the nation seven years ago. “It is therefore in the best interest of public safety that the Government of Liberia acts swiftly and effectively by implementing measures to protect citizens and the already fragile economy,” he stated.

Reflecting on the dark days of the past civil war in the nation, the humanitarian – cum politician sees a troublesome resemblance in terms of the devastating effects the conflict had on the lives of innocent Liberians. The reality of these events he maintained, is the fact that the poor and less fortunate are the ones that are victimized the most, as they have no other option but rather to allow these conditions to determine their fate.

“Had it not been for the special grace of the Lord Almighty, I could have remained the poor fatherless child, and subjected to similar conditions as many of our compatriots” Dr. Cassell said,

He said the birth of the PLP is grounded in social justice, economic freedom, and human capital development. In the spirit of patriotism, he welcomed all Liberians to join hands with the PLP as “The Time Is Now and We Are Ready.”

Commenting further how prepared the party was to address the many challenges plaguing the nation, he told the mammoth crowd, “We are ready to assume leadership and transform Liberia through collective and inclusive participation. We are ready to advocate for and defend the rights of the poor and underprivileged. We are ready to lift Liberians out of poverty through value addition agriculture programs and road connectivity in which Liberians will be the drivers and not the car loaders.”

According to him, “We are ready to bring our private sector experience to the public sector and transform our service industries to be efficient and effective in the delivery of quality services. We are ready to reform our education system through decentralization of services, training of the education workforce and strengthening systems, especially early childhood education.”

Dr. Cassel further indicated that the party is ready to recalibrate the engine of the Liberian health system from an activity-based to a results-based model through a performance management system, he noted, concluding, “We are ready to reach out to all Liberians, irrespective of your social-political or tribal affiliation, to move Liberia forward. Never again, should we be afraid of the future, “The Time Is Now and We Are Ready.”

In his acceptance speech, the Interim Chairman of the People’s Liberation Party, Mr. Wilmot J.M. Paye said the time is now because for too long Liberian political parties and their founders and leaders have professed to be what they are not, noting “We have assembled here today to reverse this trend: to reassure our disadvantaged people that by GOD’s special grace, the politics of hypocrisy is about to change. Liberia has no option except to embrace this new direction.”

Chairman Paye continued, “After many years as one of the strongest and dependable voices of reason, I separated myself from the Unity Party on today Saturday, 20 February 2021. I take this ultimate gamble not because it had been my wish or desire to leave one political party for another, but because from all indications Liberians and the world now know that the noble dreams, vision, ideals, principles, core values and philosophy conceived by Jackson Fiah Doe, Sr, Edward Binyah Kesselly and Gabriel William Kpolleh nearly forty years ago have been hijacked by Greed.”

Mr. Paye said he assumed the role of Chairman with absolute humility, trusting that the same loving and benevolent Creator Who revealed Himself to him on Sunday, August 19, 2007 and Who led him over the years, will direct the course of The People’s Liberation Party for His name’s sake and for the sake of the suffering masses of Liberia.

The former Unity Party Chairman, taking his new post, said for the next twelve months, the vision of an effective, efficient and fully functional and community-based People’s Liberation Party will be aggressively pursued through grass-root mobilization and through the establishment and sustenance of dynamic, vibrant and conscious youth, women and other relevant organs that promote broad participation.

Paye furthered that the PLP will build a political party that is completely different. Foremost on the agenda, Mr. Paye accentuated is to make The People’s Liberation Party a movement for all Liberians, including persons with disabilities, adding that the Constitution of The PLP provides for establishment of Standing or Specialized Committees, one of which is the Standing Committee on Persons with Disabilities.

He assured the gathering that the People’s Liberation Party will be different in conduct, attitude, behavior, actions, operations, decisions and character. Under his chairmanship, and with guidance from the Political Leader of the Party, The PLP will represent its name, motto, vision, philosophy, founding principles and our core values of Patriotism, Integrity, Accountability and Transparency.

In order to become and remain the Liberation vehicle that it was established to be, Mr. Paye expressed that the PLP cannot compromise these values, highlighting that this is what Liberians everywhere at home and abroad are yearning for: a political party that lives up to the true meaning of its own Vision, Philosophy, Founding Principles and Core Values, noting that the PLP is here to sanitize and purify Liberian politics.

“Today we recommit to our people. Today we present a different political party. In The People’s Liberation Party, no tribe is better than another. No part of Liberia is superior to another. No gender is more supreme. There are no “zogoes”. People with disabilities are one with us because we are all Liberians,” he proclaimed.

Proclaiming further, Mr. Paye said “We are The Liberators. We do not ignore the plank in our eyes while professing to ‘see’ the mote in others’ eyes. In The People’s Liberation Party, patriotism is our motivation. Integrity and discipline are hallmarks of our organizational culture. Accountability is our duty. Transparency is our mirror. And the living GOD is our helper, our shield and our defender.”

Continued the Interim Chairman, “The People’s Liberation Party is here to stay—to change the politics of greed into politics of progress. The PLP is for you—for you all the way there in Maryland, River Gee, Grand Gedeh, Sinoe, River Cess, Grand Bassa, Nimba, Bong, Lofa, Gbarpolu, Bomi, Grand Cape Mount, Margibi and for you in rural Montserrado who live so close to the seat of decision making but cannot even access safe drinking water.

“This is your Party, your Movement. This is a different political party, one that will be run differently, with openness, with honesty, with respect, with truth, with total commitment, not just to participate in elections and afterwards sleep to wait for the next elections. We value you the people. We want your lives to change—to improve,” he concluded.

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