“Not About 2023, We are building political institution” -DPPL Leader -Says party will not join any coalition

The new elected Political Leader of the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia, Rev. David GB Kiamu  said the party has not come to the mainstream of Liberian politics to target only the 2023 elections but rather to build themselves into a political institution that is about raising leadership to  transform Liberia, stressing that it will not join any existing party because all of them are part of Liberia’s problems and that they will go to national elections along since their values are different from other parties.

Speaking exclusively to The Analyst last night in Monrovia after his party held a successful national convention where he was unanimously elected as the Political Leader, Rev. Kiamu said the party will be a radical departure from other political parties, bent to seek only electoral positions and appointments in government without have a clear objective to confront burning issues that  are affecting the country and made specific reference to corruption and how DPPL will combat the menace.

“DPPL will bring a leadership that has the guts to punish corrupt leaders, confiscate all properties bought with stolen money and sell the properties and put the money back to projects that empower the people. DPPL will set up a special court to speedily try former government officials who are corrupt.  We will set up the war and economic crimes court in Liberia”, he said with such an emphatic utterance.

When asked to name a particular issue or problem that is pinning down the development of the country, Rev. Kiamu said there are several of them but there are others that are obvious and it was sad that past leaders continue to gloss over them.

“Corruption, insincerity, lack of national spirit, selfishness, illiteracy, and poverty have all held down Liberia’s development. DPPL intends to introduce leadership that is not corrupt, not selfish, educated, and God fearing.  DPPL will jail corrupt past leaders, retrieve all stolen monies and properties in foreign countries and banks, and will strengthen our judicial system to speedily try corrupt officials and send them to jail if found guilty. DPPL will set up the war and economic crimes court to prosecute criminals.

“DPPL wants to let Liberia know that it is possible to change this nation. We believe it can happen. But it requires a visionary leader who is serious about fighting corruption head on. DPPL will not protect war and economic crimes sponsored or committed persons. For once, we ask Liberia to give us a chance to nip corruption in the bud”, the tough talking cleric said.

While rating current leadership under President George Manneh Weah, Rev. Kiamu said in terms of service delivery is very ineffective, inefficient and very much not able to deliver any service, adding that the government has scored 0% when it comes to effective service delivery.

He said for now he has been financing the party from his personal funds but with it going into full institutionalization, the constitution of the party which provides for the party to be funded by membership dues will take effect so that every member of the party will take ownership and be part taker of the decision making process. He further said he will be going to primary with others who will want to contest the presidency under the umbrella of the party.

Those elected at the national convention held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County recently included Rev. David GB Kiamu, Political Leader, Atty. N. Dickson R. Tamba, Esq,

National Chairman, John D. Pangbe, Jr, National Secretary General, Kim Varnie, National Treasurer and Joseph Bush Trinity, National  Vice Chair for Administration

Others are Acarus Aaron Temo, National Vice Chair for Inter Party and NEC Affairs, Hezekiah E. Myers, National Vice Chair for Finance and Investment  and Rev. Josephus S. Korfeh, National Vice for Recruitment, Mobilization and Membership.

Konto Diamond Saygar, National Vice Chair for Social Services, Darius Woods, National Youth Chair and Irene Blama  National Chair Lady complete the list of those who also got elected at the national convention.

Meanwhile Rev. Kiamu lamented the ransacking of his office a day after the convention when unknown persons broke into the office of the Party, adding that it was at the height of the state of insecurity in the country. He did not elaborate further on whether items were taken away or not.

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