Muslim Council Condemns Iman Krayee -Says He Must Refrain From Making Ungodly Utterances

It seems Liberia’s religious community is truly maturing and is becoming resistant to maneuvers and radical inclinations that would put at loggerheads the various blocks or sects of religions in the country. Many countries are in flames today because they lack the ripeness required to ward off insidious religious incitements. And the Liberian Muslim community is bearing the torch of that maturity, as evidenced by its strongly-worded statement of condemnation against one of their foremost clergymen and authority for what they described his disdainful comments against the Christian community of Liberia and against interreligious harmony. As The Analyst reports, the Liberia Muslim Council is not taking the Imam’s condescending utterances lying down.

Less than a week following an outburst by the leader of the Imams Council of Liberia against the Christian faith and the interreligious community of Liberia, one of the oldest and most popular Muslim groups in the country, the Liberia Muslims Council, has descended on the Islamic cleric.

The National Muslim Council of Liberia says it has followed with disdain continuous statements of agitations and threats emanating from Imam Ali Krayee of the Imam Council of Liberia concerning the call by Muslims for the government to grant through legislation National holidays during the observance and celebration of Ramadan and Abraham days.

The group said in a statement that while many Muslims may consider this as a genuine call, “we however hold the belief that the approach employed by the Imam has the propensity to create acrimony in the society and therefore does not represent the views and position of the Muslim community in Liberia.

The Council also opines that the recent outburst by the Imam using the pulpit towards the people of other faiths is considered an act of provocation and must be vehemently condemned.

“Such gushing has the inclination to undermine the true and genuine spirit that characterized the formation of what is now referred to as the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia,” the National Muslims Council of Liberia says. “There is and cannot be any justification for such an unwholesome attack on the people of the Christian Community in the name of delivering sermon in total disregard to the correlation subsisting between the two faiths through the Inter-Religious Council.”

The National Muslim Council of Liberia also calls on Imam Ali Krayee to refrain from making utterances that have the proclivity to undermine the peace and threaten the security of the state and adopt a more civil approach in addressing issues of national concern.

“As people of peace, Muslims are expected to serve as ambassadors as well as catalyst in the attainment, promotion and maintenance of peace and stability and to champion religious harmony and tolerance,” the group further opined.

“As quoted in Chapter 16, verse 125 of the Holy Qu’ran, “Invite to your Lord with wisdom and good advice”. Also, chapter 3 verse 104 says, ‘Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong for they are the ones to attain felicity.’”

The National Muslim council has applauded the efforts of all those who have lawfully engaged the requisite authority void of agitation and threats of violence, to ensure that their quest for holidays is channeled through the proper procedure as required by the organic law of Liberia.

The Council extended its thanks and appreciation to Senator Edwin Melvin Snowe for the submission for the submission of a bill to the Honorable Liberian Senate seeking the endorsement of the National legislature for the passage into law the establishment of holidays to commemorate the end of Ramadan and the observance of Abraham day.

They noted: “Senator Snowe’s adherence to the call of the Muslims of Bomi County in fulfillment of his campaign promise is not only laudable, but a true manifestation of the understanding of his role as a representative of the people of that great county. The council calls on other law-makers to give their support to the efforts employed by patriotic and peace loving Liberians in achieving this noble cause.”

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