Musa Bility’s Son Wants to Take Custody of Kids -Drags ex-wife to court

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan

Mr. Sidikie Musa Bility,  a son of prominent businessman, Musa Bility has filed before the Civil Law Court “A” at the Temple of Justice a bill of information seeking to take permanent custody of his two kids from his ex-wife, Madam Warti Nancy Robinson, whom he accused of not properly catering to the welfare of the children.

According to our judicial correspondent, Judge Yamie Q. Gbeisay of the Civil Law Court was prepared to entertain hearing on Thursday, July 8, 2021 when it reached before him but could not do so after he observed that counsel representing the interest of Madam Robinson failed to file their answer to a bill of information earlier filed by the complainant, Sidike Musa Bility.

“This matter being a matter that involves the interest and wellbeing of innocent children; this court is interested in going into the details of it so that its judgment or opinion can be based on up-to-date information,” stated the Judge.

He continued: “the respondent (counsel for the children’s mother) just filed their return and said return is not yet in the possession of the court, the hearing today is postponed and reassigned on Monday, July 12.”

Prior to the concern raised by Judge Gbeisay, Cllr. Wilkins Wright, the lawyer representing Bility, had informed the court that the arrangement for the sharing of custody between the parents was not working in the best interest of the children.

Cllr. Wright explained that from the commencement of the sharing arrangement up to present, Madam Robinson has constantly and consistently taken the children to school very late or sometimes not at all especially on Mondays.

Cllr. Wright said Madam Warti Robinson was in the constant habit of leaving the children at home unattended to and unsupervised by an adult to the extent that the younger brother once put an object in the ears of his older brother, something which led to him seeking medical attention at a health facility.  Cllr. Wright added that the respondent (Children Mother) lives in an adulterous and abusive relationship that is dangerous for the children.

He asserted that since the divorce has already been granted, which Madam Warti celebrated on Facebook with her friends and even publicly displayed her pregnancy on the social media platform to the whole world and also because the respondent has a relationship that is not favorable to the children, that is, for their emotional, psychological, mental and physical health, stability, wellbeing, safety and security, the only proper thing for the court to do is award permanent custody of the children to their father.

He said the Domestic Relations Law of Liberia provides that when parents of minor children of a marriage live in a state of separation, the father of the children or the husband of that marriage has priority of custody of those children.

The lawyer maintained that the law provides that in all cases involving issues relating to minor children that the best interest, general wellbeing and welfare of the children should always be the foremost concern of the court.

He claimed that Madam Warti does not have the financial capability to take care of the children because she does not have a job or other visible mean of income and has never worked in her life and as such she will be dependent on Mr. Bility to support his children and her unborn child begotten of another man.

According to the lawyer, Madam Warti does not stay home to keep an eye on the children and therefore it will be dangerous to continuously entrust the children into her custody.

He maintained that the lady has proven to be totally incapable, incompetent and very irresponsible in taking care of her own children which is detrimental to the best interest of the children.

The lawyer then requested the court to turn over the children to their father (Mr. Bility) on a permanent basis with visitation rights to their mother.

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