Moses Teah Makes Grand Entry Into River Gee Politics -Gets Chiefs’ blessings

MONROVIA – The Traditional Chiefs Council of Electoral District #3 in River Gee County has embraced the candidacy of representative aspirant, Moses N. Teah.

The embrace was accorded Mr. Teah over the weekend in  Nyentianbo Wessetoken, which is the headquarters of the districts’ traditional chiefs.

The Moses for Representative Team, which traveled to the county to witness the conferral said the first-of-its-kind program brought together scores of River Geeians from across District #3.

“We the Traditional Chiefs of Electoral District #3, River County, are very happy to receive this great son of the soil. We say here and on this day that we accept him as a major contestant for the representative seat for our district.

“We will introduce him to our people to consider him for the position he seeks. We accept him because we are convinced that the people of the Glarro Administrative District, who present him to us, are people we trust and believe in. We are all one people,” said Council Chairman Oldman Peter Saye, amidst deafening applause and shouts of approval.

Chairman Saye was speaking on behalf of traditional chiefs from the Glarro, Sarbo, Tuobo and Nyenebo administrative districts. 

Earlier in the presentation program, the head of the Glarro Administrative District Traditional Chiefs’ Council, Oldman Augustine Sollie Kouploh, told his colleagues that the people of the district had unanimously endorsed candidate Teah to contest the District #3 representative seat in the 2023 legislative elections.

“Our son, in whom we are so pleased with the confidence of a proud parent, is a man of integrity. He is a master’s degree holder with vast experience in public administration. He has international exposure, having attended top universities in Liberia and the United States,” Chief Kouploh said.

Chief Kouploh, who is also the spokesman of the High Priest of Glarro, was accompanied to Wessatoken by scores of division chiefs from the Glarro Administrative District including

the Glarro Traditional Council Chairman Oldman Matthew Nyenao Teah and Oldman Jacob Zio Neneh, Traditional Council Chairman, Quenobo Chiefdom.

Others were the Chairman of the Council of Elders, Quenobo Chiefdom, Oldman Matthew Nyanway Bahway; the Head of the Traditional Society, Zadee Johnson; scores of youth and women groups representatives from the district, and eminent persons from both Plubai and Quenobo sectors.

Still others were the leadership of Friends of Hon. Moses T. Teah for Development.

The December 11, 2022 presentation program, dubbed by residents of the districts as “unprecedented and worth emulating” brought together citizens of the electoral district to discuss their common good.

“This event is a good omen for our people. We have never met since the founding of this county to discuss our political future and leadership like we did today,” said a county-based political observer. “When we continue like this, this county will stand out in the Southeast as a county of peace and development.”

In a related development, the leadership of Friends of Hon. Moses T. Teah for Development has vowed to launch a district-to-district, town-to-town, and possibly door-to-door campaign to woo voters for their candidate.

“We are encouraging all the sons of daughters of the four administrative districts that make up Electoral District #3 to join us to propel Hon. Teah to the House of Representatives in 2024,” said campaign senior advisor Glotoh Nyanlue.

It may be recalled that on May 4, 2022, the citizens  of Glarro Administrative District, River Gee County, including council of elders, women groupings, youths and folks from the business communities gathered in the commercial Town of Glarro Ubor and overwhelmingly petitioned Moses Teah to contest the representative seat in the 2023 legislative elections.

The Glarro endorsement was followed by scores of other endorsements including those of the Glarro development associations in Monrovia and Zwedru, in Grand Gedeh County.

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