Minister Samuel D. Tweah’s birthday message to Dr. George M. Weah – President of the Republic of Liberia “Happy Birthday to you Mr. President

MONROVIA: No President has navigated more troubled waters yet emerged triumphant while keeping his calm and democratic cool. No president has buffeted more propaganda abetted by the age of social media, yet dismantled the gargoyle of lies through the eloquence of development action and results.
No president has better brought Government down to the level of the people, shattering elite paradigms and divides of governance and localizing that cherished Lincolnian ideal of ‘Government by the people, for the people and of the people.”
In nine days you you will be re-elected to secure a second term and cement a legacy of sterling democratic and economic transformation. You lead all national major opinion polls by more 12 points, evidence that development is the nemesis of propaganda!
As an opposition, your partisans were shot and killed yet you exemplified tolerance and egged them on toward a more promising day. As a Government, your same partisans, this time in Lofa, have been murdered on the orders of those who shot your people on November 7, 2011, yet you calmly look to avail democratic Justice while beckoning the nation to the higher orders of peace!
On this natal day find some time to rest and reflect on the great achievements and the befitting seismic social and class convulsions you have wrought! You have achieved what the progressives of 70’s have longed for: to bring our people into the echelons of power and do right and Justice by them.
Be assured that the fundamental structural challenges that have bedeviled our people are collapsing under the weight of your vision.
The best days of Liberia are still ahead of her under your OUTSTANDING leadership!
Votre Excellence, Nous vous remercions puor tout et toute nos felecitation! Profitez de ta journee!

Samuel D Tweah, Jr
Founding Ideologue of the Popular People’s Movement”

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