LP Condemns Besieging of Party HQ -Calls for Investigation

In the wake of recent disturbances by some disgruntled stalwarts of the opposition Liberty Party who besieged their party headquarters last Saturday morning to disrupt an Executive Committee meeting, the National Advisory Council (NAC) of Liberty Party has strongly condemned the unruly act in the strongest terms, and has called for an investigation of the action.

“This is an exhibition of a high degree of intolerance, lack of discipline and total disregard to the party’s structure, rules and principles, all of which are uncharacteristic of the Liberty Party,” a press release from the LP NAC Chairman Debar W. Allen stated in a September 11, 2021 press release.

Meanwhile, the National Advisory Council wishes to inform all Partisans and the public in general, that it has taken seize of the contentious issues that are undermining the cohesiveness of the party.

“To this end, the NAC calls on all partisans to refrain from actions that could erode public confidence in our institution, thereby bringing to oblivion all that we have worked for over the years.

“As we pursue actions in the direction of mitigating the existing impasse within the party, we also appeal to the wisdom of party leaders to demonstrate their commitment to seeing a speedy end to the intra-party tension,” the release noted.

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