Liberia’s Investment Lawyer Wins Prestigious Award in USA – For inking a groundbreaking book: “All Nations Are Equal At Least on Paper”

A promising Liberian investment Lawyer, Cllr. Mark M. M. Marvey, Author of the book, titled: “All Nations Are Equal at Least on Paper” has been invited to Washington D.C., United States of America (USA), to receive the prestigious Global Fair Trade and Anti-corruption Advocate Award and Ethical Leadership Medal of Honor.

In a formal communication addressed to Cllr. Marvey, Dr. Ken Giami, Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), on behalf of the International advisory Board of African Leadership magazine, a publication of African Leadership (UK) Limited, disclosed that the ceremony coincides with this year African Anti-Corruption Forum and Excellence Awards which has, as its Theme: “Corruption Free Africa-Recipe for Economic Growth and Development.”

He pointed out that the forum is expected to be graced by an array of African Presidents, Africa’s Head of Anti-Corruption Agencies, Parliamentarian Leaders across the globe, US States Legislative bodies with focus on Africa.

Others who will attend the forum which is in support of the African Union (AU) focus for 2018, “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s transition” include African Ambassadors: Africa Regional & State Governors, and African Business Leaders.

According to Dr. Giami, Cllr. Marvey’s selection for the honor is in recognition of his groundbreaking research reflected in his Book: “All Nations Are Equal At Least on Paper” which offers new insight on Foreign Direct Investments, and Concessions in Africa, using his native country, Liberia, as a case study.

Dr. Giami added that Marvey’s analysis of the regulatory frameworks for international governance and trade is indeed a watershed, daring and outstanding posturing of views that are, no doubt, on the pause of concerns harbored by many on the African continent and beyond.

He told Cllr. Marvey in the communication that as a further validation and commendation for his good works in Africa and the hope he represents for the future of African communities, the International Advisory Board will confer on him the African Leadership Medal of Honor in Advocacy for Fair Business, which represents the highest seal of approval, confidence and achievement from the Board of the African Leadership (UK), Limited.

A press release issued in Monrovia by the Better Future Foundation (BFF), of which Cllr. Marvey currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors said the African Leadership Medal of Honor is reserved for distinguished Africans who have displayed exceptional leadership in championing anti-corruption fight, promotion of fair trade, good governance in Africa.

Dr. Giami further indicated that the book places Cllr. Mark Marvey, the Loyola University trained Liberian Lawyer in a bracket of leading crusaders for fair trade.

He added that the views espoused are completely in synched with the character that Cllr. Marvey has exuded as one of Africa’s most impactful advocates for rigorous standards of equity for business practices.

“As an advocate with impeccable track record and consistency in championing ethical business practices, you represent a new generation of emerging African leaders whose efforts need recognition,” the BFF release quoted Dr. Giami as saying.

To this end, the African leadership magazine has expressed its desire to document the Liberian lawyer’s achievements for posterity and the international community, as he is set to go down on record as one of courageous champions of the new Africa.

Other distinguished African leaders who have received the award include H.E. Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi; John Oche Aboh, Chairman of Ecobank (at 2016 ISAL, New York); Former President of Ghana, John Mahama and the former First Lady of South Africa, Bongi Ngema- Zuma.

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