LEC Announces Planned Power Outages -To undertake major upgrades, erects poles and transformer replacement

The state run power generation and distribution company, the Liberia Electricity Corporation has announced  planned power outages to run between October 11-16, 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm daily to enable the corporation to undertake major network upgrades, involving stringing of transmission, erecting concrete poles and transformer replacement activities. to inform its valued customers and the general public of its upcoming Planned Power Outages to run from October 11 through October 16, 2021 for eight (8) hours beginning at 9:00 am to end at 5:00 pm daily. These outages are being carried out to enable us undertake major network upgrades, involving Stringing of Transmission Lines, Erecting Concrete Poles and Transformer Replacement Activities.

According to a release from the corporation, dated and signed on October 7, 2021, from October 11 to 15, 2021, works will be done at the Point Four/Express & Port Feeder will affect the Coast Guard Base Community, Logan Town, Sayon Town Community, Jamaica Road Community,Free Port Community, Clara Town, Doe Community, Battery Factory, Toepoeh Village, New Georgia Junciton, Super-Market Community, Barnesville Junction, Kesselly Boulevard, NTA Community and Opposite Chicken Soup Factory:

On October 11, 13 and 15, 2021, the team will be at the Capitol-Congo Town Feeder will involve the 1st Street Sinkor up to 26th Street Sinkor both Land and Sea sides, Old and New Matadi Community, Lakpazee Community, Fiamah, Airfield, Old Road, Catholic Hospital Community, Sophie and Congo Town up to Nigeria House.

Slipway Community, Crown Hill, Broad Street and Capitol Bye-Pass which fall under the Water and City Feeder will be attended to between October 11-15, 2021.

The release further said that Paynesville Congo Town Feeder under which are Paynesville Joebar Community, GSA Road, Rehab Community, AB Tolbert Road, 12th Houses community, LBS Community, SKD Sports Complex Community, ELWA Community, SKD Boulevard, Congo Town, Congo Town Backroad, Pagos Island Community, Bishop Francis Road, 540-Community, Ministerial Complex, Musu Spot, Zone-3 Police Station up to Nigeria House.

The release also said two days, October 12 and 14 are set aside for the Payneville-Duport Road Feeder and will affect Harmon Field Community, Outland Community, Zayzay Community, Parker Paint Community, White Fence Community, Soul Clinic, Coca Cola Factory, Omega Community, Bernard Farm Community, Edwin Snowe Community, Rehab Community, Zubah Town Community, Kendeja Community and Cooper’s Farm Community.

The release concluded that for Paynesville 66 Feeder which will have perhaps the largest number of areas to be affected will experience its share on October 16, 2021 and will include Mount Barclay, Bernard Farm, Coca Cola Factory, Soul Clinic Community, Omega Community,

Duport Road, Zayzay Community, Outland Community, Zubah Town, Rehab Community, Kendeja Community, Edwin Snowe Community, Cooper Farm, New Georgia Road and New Georgia Estate, Johnsonville Community, Barnesville Estate, The entire Old Road, Catholic Hospital Community, Sophie Community, Tupee Taylor Curve up to Nigeria, Ministerial Complex, Congo Town Backroad, Pagos Island, Peace Island, SKD Boulevard Road, Michael Francis Road, S.D. Cooper Road, 12 Houses Community, Golden Gate Community, AB Tolbert

Road, GSA Road, Nagbe’s Town, ELWA Community, Nigeria House, Red-light, Pipe-line Community, Morris’ Farm, Police Academy, 72nd Community, Neezoe Community, Jacob Town, New Hope Community, Stephen Tolbert Estate, Chicken Soup Factory, NTA Community, Barnesville Estate and Johnsonville.

The management of LEC said it regrets any inconveniences these activities may cause its value customers and the general public.

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