“JNB Must React to Costa” -Public Sentiment Says Silence is Consent

MONROVIA: Following months of impregnated silence that occasioned his rejection by Unity Party Standard Bearer Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai to choose him as his running mate in the upcoming presidential and general elections, renowned Liberian talk show host and political activist Henry Pedro Costa finally opened up on Monday, July 10, 1023 by calling out Ambassador Boakai as a backstabber; someone who is willing to quickly abandon his allies, risk his own health, and abandon his vision for the Liberian people just to become president.

However, following the litany of egregious accusations made by Costa against the Unity Party Standard Bearer, pundits and a cross section of the public are now calling on Ambassador Boakai and the Unity Party to react fully to Mr. Costa’s accusations rather than just putting out a terse remark that was circulated on social media late Monday, which not only failed to address the host of burning issues raised by the talk show host, but seemed to have implied some sort of consent.

“Henry P. Costa is my son and I hold nothing against him. I forgive him and I am always willing to work with every well-meaning Liberian to accomplish our mission to rescue Liberia. I would advise all to focus our attention on the mission to remove the nightmare we have presiding over our country. Let’s Think Liberia, Love Liberia and Build Liberia,” Ambassador Boakai had posted on social media Monday following Mr. Costa’s raging accusations that pointed to gross betrayal and skullduggery from the Unity Party folks and their standard bearer.

Among other strong-worded accusations, Costa said Ambassador Boakai reneged on a promise made to name him as his running mate after he (Costa) had bargained with some “investors” to provide Mr. Boakai US$30 million for his presidential campaign bid, but on the premise that he carried Costa as his running mate. Costa also said Mr. Boakai later met with the investors in Ghana and bad mouthed him, saying he never promised Costa any running mate position. Costa said Mr. Boakai impressed on the investors to rather deal directly with him and give him the US$30 million instead of going through another party.

Costa said Ambassador Boakai also accused him of conniving to have him killed if he had gone to the United States to undergo an important heart surgery, even though arrangements had been made for the Unity Party standard-bearer to undergo the surgery or risk serious health hazard.

Public Reactions

The biting accusations from Costa and Ambassador Boakai’s terse response for forgiveness have caused the public to question the decision by the Unity Party and its standard-bearer to avoid addressing the litany of accusations made by Costa, the majority of which signal serious leadership deficit for someone vying to become president.

“It is important for Joseph Boakai to come out and explain to the Liberian people. This man is running for president. Liberians should take this seriously and pressure him to speak. In the real world, by now, he already had a press conference,” remarked a concerned poster on social media.

“Mr. Boakai, it was your responsibility to draw a line. You sat back, played a blind eye, revealed too much to Henry and even allowed him to spend his personal resources to take care of you. For me, it doesn’t appear that you’re ready to rescue anything when everything about you is out there in the open. Every information about your PERSONAL HEALTH DETAILS should have been kept between you and your family. As a leader, you have to show strength at all times. Don’t allow people to know your weaknesses, or they could take advantage. Costa knew you needed money and so did everyone. You can confide in a friend about a headache but revealing every detail is not advisable. Well, the fun is over now and reality is stirring you deep in the face,” another concerned poster said.

Astonishingly, one of the panelists on a popular talk show that is known to harbor pro-JNB sentiments was taken aback by the fact that the Unity Party and its Standard Bearer have up to now failed to fully address the bulk of accusations from Costa.

“I am talking about everything, but Ambassador Boakai must address himself to that US$30 million and what Costa said Boakai promising to mortgage Wologizi mountain to the investors once he won the presidency. These allegations are demeaning to be dismissed easily,” the panelist said, even as some of his colleagues blasted Costa for divulging the sensitive medical records of Ambassador Boakai.

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