‘I Shall Uphold Your Trust, Confidence’ -Cassell Finally Sealed As PLP Standard Bearer

It seems a new breed of politicians are now emerging on the Liberian political landscape, as those of the old order recede gradually into oblivion. Amongst the new, seemingly enterprising ones is the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) which in a barely few months has gained traction and acclaim amongst the comity of Liberian elite politicians. While some older ones are still struggling to keep their bearing and are struck with expired architects, the likes of PLP are holding regular political gatherings to plant their feet deeply on the landscape. On Saturday and Sunday, the youthful political party held its first convention to elect its officials and probate their standing in the eye of the elections law of Liberia. As would be expected, the Vision Bearer, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, got his legal status as the Standard Bearer and he had some reassuring vows for his partisans, as The Analyst reports.

The Chief Founder of the People’s Liberation Party, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, has finally legalized his leadership with his election as the Standard Bearer of the party.

The first convention, and at which he was elected along with other corps of officials, took place on the weekend in Marshall City, Margibi County.

An apparently happy Dr. Cassell told his partisans after his election: “Dear partisans and comrades of the Liberation crusade, in this historic and extraordinary convention, you overwhelmingly petitioned me through your unanimous vote to lead our dear party as Vision Bearer and Standard Bearer respectively. With profound honor and much delight, I hereby declare on this fateful day of 28 November 2021 that I wholeheartedly accept to be the humble Leader of our dear PLP.”

He pledged to uphold the trust and confidence reposed in him.

He said: “On behalf of my family and in my own name, I express much thanks and appreciation for the honor you bestowed upon me and the trust and confidence you have courageously reposed in me to lead the PLP to a destiny of prosperity.”

Dr. Cassell pledged his unflinching support, promising to do his best to accentuate the PLP to noble and enviable heights.

He added: “I shall work tirelessly to make out party second to none within the Republic of Liberia. As Vision Bearer and Standard Bearer, I shall uphold the trust and confidence you have reposed in me, and my leadership shall uphold the vision of the PLP as the foremost priority and together institutionalize our party with a deep sense of purpose, ownership, hard work, determination, probity, accountability, integrity, inclusion, togetherness, humility, unity, love, peace, patriotism, and nationalism.”

With courage, he averred, “we shall work with a sense of duty and purpose to nationalize the PLP—thus ensuring the presence of our dear party in every county, city, town, village, hamlet, and home across the length and breadth of our country, Liberia. To the task bestowed upon us, I assure you, that God being our helper, we shall keep the charge much to your delight.”

According to the PLP leader, Liberia is at a critical junction and in dying need for a visionary, responsible, accountable, credible, qualified, experienced, mature, sensitive, progressive, proactive, responsive, reliable, compassionate, and Godfearing national leadership.

He claimed that is needed to be liberated from this spelling paralysis.

“Our country must be reclaimed and redeemed from this perennial scourge of bad governance and self-indulgence,” he said, adding: “Liberians deserve better.”

Dr. Cassell further asserted that “with the God of truth and justice watching upon us from above and before you the gallant and courageous people of Liberia, I declare with faith and courage that the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) is truly the party of the people.”

He told his partisans that the PLP understands the historical abnormalities and contradictions the country battles, and that PLP certainly has the ideological, professional, and intellectual potencies and competencies as well as the political will and patriotic wherewithal to usher Liberia into a new paradigm shift of social transformation.

“Today, I declare that I, Dr. Daniel Estrada Cassell, a humble son from the mountains and plateaus, and the evergreen forest of Lofa county, a true and humble son of the soil has the competencies, skills set, the patriotic spirit, passion, tenacity, and political will to deliver to my country Liberia and fellow countrymen the change they long desire,” he bragged amid cheers from partisans.

“For us, the PLP is more than a political party,” he said further. “It is a political institution and a national movement meant to rally all our people behind the singular cause of liberating our country from the perilous course on which it has vaguely tarried for almost two centuries.”

He noted that the party’s desire is to seek national leadership mostly stemmed from the inner and emotional quest to end the unjustified and imposed long-suffering of our people and move on to put socio-economic dignity upon citizens for once.

“Our desire for national leadership is also anchored on love for our country and the searing passion to transform it into a place of modern infrastructure, economic growth, decency, and prosperity,” the PLP Standard Bearer averred.

“I, therefore, extend a hand of friendship to all Liberians, at home, and within the diaspora, and invite you on the PLP bandwagon for genuine liberation and transformation. PLP represents the real change that every patriotic and nationalistic Liberian desires. The PLP is truly the masses movement where the people significantly matter and are positioned front and center of this national struggle. It is my fervent prayer and plead that you all will join the PLP Movement in this unyielding and selfless struggle for a new Liberia in which ALL LIBERIANS, NOT THE ELITE FEW shall have a space and share in the opportunities and possibilities the country can provide when we assume the gable of authority.”

Convention Highlights

The program brought together partisans of the party, particularly members of the General Policy Commission (GPC), 68 delegates, observers, from 14 of the 15 political subdivision of Liberia. It was graced by other Liberian politicians including Thomas Yaya Nimely, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, Rev Emmanuel Jutonue Giddings, defeated representative candidate of District #2 Montserrado County, amongst others.

Officials elected on white ballot and inducted into office are Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, Standard Bearer; Tapple E. Doe, National Chairman; David G. Benitoe, National Vice Chair for International Affairs; Benard Benson Sr., National Vice Chair for Recruitment & Mobilization; Alphanso D. Bindah, National Vice Chair for Operation; Henry Darbee Blama, Vice Chair for Administration for Youth Assembly.

Others include, Daniel Harris Gayou, National Secretary General; Chernor M. Jalloh, National Vice Chair for Auxiliaries; Snoh W. Jarbah, Chair for National Women Assembly; Kalifala Kromah, Vice Chair for Media Relations & Publicity; Marvis P. Massaquoi, Vice Chair for Operation for Women Assembly; Korto Massaquoi, Vice Chair for Religious Affairs for Women Assembly.

Elected also are Rosetta L. M.. Mensah, National Vice Chair for People with Disability; Dehkortee Sheriff, Vice Chair for Mobilization & Recruitment for Women Assembly; Akimi Rose Toe, National Vice Chair for Gender and Social Development; Kelvin Volar, Secretary General for National Youth Assembly, Abraham B. Zarlee, Sr., Vice Chair for Religious Affairs.

Others are Tonzeah N. Zarwolo, Chair for National Youth Assembly who won by 42 votes, defeating Hasting Gbamon and Lorenzo T. Weah, who earned 6 and 17 votes respectively.

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