GOBET231 Defies National Lottery – Operates Slot Machines Illegally

In what appears to be defiance to Communication of February 8, 2019 by the Director-General of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Mr. Martin Kollie, telling the management of GoBet231 to halt operations, information has it that the insolvent gaming company has defied the Government of Liberia and has continued to illegally operate Slot Machines in all of its centers.
The Director-General of the National Lottery Authority (NLA), Mr. Martin Kollie, directed the management of GoBet231 in a communication on February 8, 2019, that the company should not operate slot machines because it had not applied, paid for and/or obtained a valid license to operate slot machines in the Republic of Liberia.
GoBet231 is owned and operated by Palm Springs Hotel and Resorts situated in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.
In his communication addressed to Mr. Charles Collins Yorke, General Manger of Palm Springs and GoBet231, Mr. Kollie wrote: Dear Mr. Yorke, “I present my compliments and herein acknowledged receipt of your communication dated October 10, 2018, but received February 04, 2019 wherein you announced the opening of three (3) new sports betting outlets within Montserrado as well as slot machines.”
The letter further said, “However, I wish to inform you that you have not obtained slot machine license from the NLA to operate slot machines outside of your casino. Therefore, your Management is not authorized to operate slot machines within those locations as mentioned in your communication,” DG Kollie pointed out in the letter.
Nevertheless in total disregard for the mandate from the NLA through its Director General, it has been discovered that GoBet231 continues to operate slot machines at all of its centers throughout Monrovia illegally.
The Deputy Director-General for Operations, who is clothed with the responsibility to supervise the Monitoring & Evaluation Division of the NLA, disclosed on Tuesday, March 12, 2019, while carrying out their routine duties, employees of the Monitoring & Evaluation division of the NLA found that in all GoBet231’s centers, slot machines were being operated, though GoBet231 has no valid license from the NLA.
According to Deputy Director-General Kortu, employees of the M & E division of the NLA demanded that the slot machines be turned off and were sealed with the tape from the NLA, only to discover a few hours later that GoBet231 removed the NLA’s tape and resumed operations illegally.
The management of GoBet231 had, in the past denied similar report in the media, but with the pictorial evidence it remains to be seen what will be their position.

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