“Give Me Another 6 Years Mandate” -Pres. Weah Vows to Leave a Lasting Legacy After 2nd Term

MONROVIA : Continuing his Montserrado County campaign tour, President George Manneh George on Friday, August 11, 2023 visited densely populated District #11 where he called on the citizens to give him a second-term opportunity for him to continue the work that he started during the last five years of his administration, so that he will leave a lasting legacy that can be measured against others who spent 12 years in power but failed to accomplish what his government has done in just five years.

Speaking to the District 11 residents at the jam-packed Sports Pitch in district, President Weah expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the people for giving him the opportunity to have a few words with them.

“I remember vividly in 2017 when I was nobody as they said, I came here to you and asked you for your vote. I remember I even played a game here. To play that game, we interacted with you, and I told you to help me; if you do, I will do my best to develop your community. Ladies and gentlemen, today I am here. I have done half of what I said I will do. I am here today to ask you for a second term to continue my work to leave a legacy.

“The people of District 11, I will not say much because we heard what you have said about this district. Even with everything they told us, we did not believe that. We came back here to interact with you. The 12 years they stayed and they told you that you should not vote for us, but in the 12 years, if you look at their records, if you look at our records in the five years, we are the best people for you.

“I’ve come here today to ask you to reelect me, to give me a second term so I can finish my work, so I can leave a legacy. I don’t want to repeat what was repeated, but I can say to you, they told you that I know nothing, but I have something.

“Today, our poor families, it doesn’t matter what the opposition tells you, they never give us the opportunity to have a free school in this country. They never paid WAEC fees, but they will come to you and tell you that paying WAEC fees and free education is nothing. If free education is nothing to give you, then why are they coming back today?

“They call themselves rescuers, what are they coming to rescue? They call themselves fixers, what are they coming to fix? I say to you, family and friends, I am here today, on the sound of my voice, I say to you, district 11 I am your candidate. Elect me for the second time and you will see what I am capable of doing. I am a talk and do. You gave me my first six years and I performed. I am asking for another six years, so you can compare my 12 years with your 12 years; and you will make a decision to know who is the best president.

“I have performed very well in the past five years. I have built more hospitals than any other president since 1847 in this country. I have built more roads than any other president in this country. I have your confidence and you have my confidence, but thank you for reposing that confidence in me. I, George Manneh Gbekugbeh Tarpeh Weah, I will make sure I develop this land.

“They are telling you that Liberians are suffering. How can Liberians be suffering when they have free education, when the government is doing well; who can Liberians suffer? They have nothing to tell you. So, let’s not listen to what they have to say. Let’s continue to build our country.

“The young man Akoi will be one to help us when he gets into Parliament. So, I ask you to vote for your young friend, our young brother Akoi,” President Weah pleaded. District 11 representative candidate Jim Akoi Gawolo, Jr., is running on the ticket of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) in the upcoming presidential and legislative elections against incumbent Richard Nagbe Koon of the opposition Unity Party.

Continuing, President Weah explained his own humble beginning to the residents of District 11 who listened keenly to his every word.

“I too grew up in the ghetto of Gibraltar. But the ghetto did not define me. I know what it means to go from one door to another door asking people, and people disrespect you sometimes. I know the pain. And this is why when you made me president, I said I will prioritize free education. I did not only pay for your WAEC fees, but I paid for your study classes. Today, when you sit the WAEC, you can bring unprecedented grades.

“Fellow citizens, I am your future. Someone who spent 40 years in government is not your future. What he didn’t do in 40 years, he cannot do it now. I have done more in five years, and I believe that with another six years, I can do more. So, I am asking you, October 1st will be my birthday. I am asking you for your gift on October 10, go to the polling centers and vote for a one round victory.

First-time voters, don’t let them fool you. If you are talking about development, who can better develop this country? There is no match. CDC is the way. Invincible Park is done. PHP is almost done. West point is done. Clara Town is done. I played in Jacob Town. So, after D Tweh, we are coming right here to fix this place to be another park. Because we need recreation centers in the country,” President Weah vowed.

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