Full Account of Jackie’s Death – Family Members Speak Out

By: John Dennis Weah, Jr.


A fact finding investigative visit by the Analyst Newspaper at the residence of late Ms. Jackie Jugbeh Anderson has revealed that the deceased was not gang raped, neither was she brutally murdered and found in the pool of blood as reported. Family and relatives of the late Ms. Anderson described the reports as ‘untrue’.

Instead, they told The ANALYST that the deceased met her untimely demise by probable cause yet to be established by ongoing police investigation in Monrovia.

The family of the late Jackie has decided to provide clarity on what they have gathered since the death of their daughter. The deceased’s father, Mr. J. Wortoh Anderson, popularly known as (Skito) in an exclusive interview said that he received a phone call one morning that their daughters’ body was lying dead in the room of one man only identified as Kumeh in the Bardnersville area.

When asked as to what was the relationship between the man and his daughter before her death, Mr. Anderson, a former Team Manager of Lone Star – the national team, and current International Sports Coordinator responded, “We were informed during the police investigation that he was her godfather-depicting lovers.”

Mr. Anderson explained that family members took a rush at the police station and met the man in whose room his daughter’s body was found undergoing investigation. He had reported himself to the police. In the process, “a boy called Tejan, a motorcyclist, was also arrested in connection to the death and jailed for allegedly beaten the late Ms. Anderson a few days to her death.

Mr. Anderson said some family members and the police, after observations made at the scene where the body was discovered, later moved to the Kabbah Clinic and THT for a medic who could confirm Ms. Anderson’s death  but could not get any certified nurse with leisure time to be taken on the scene for the examination of the body.

As a result, “the police, my nieces and one of my sisters, a registered nurse, went on the scene while I was at the police station”. According to them, she was seen lying on the bed half naked with pants down but did not notice anything like foul play.

Mr. Anderson also said in consultation with the police, his family reached a decision to contact the Abraham Roberts Funeral Home and their crew came and took away the body for preservation.

Mr. Anderson further said somebody read The Analyst Newspaper and called him asking as if he were the one who gave the information about his daughter’s death that was published, and he said no. “I got mixed up and I want to send this as a caveat and I was astonished and flabbergasted as published in the local dailies that my daughter was gang raped, mysteriously beaten and found lying in the pool of blood, which information  is not true. Nobody must use my daughter’s death as propaganda to scapegoat the Anderson’s family against the George Weah government, NO” Mr. Anderson said emphatically.

In another development, Madam Veronica Anderson Wilson, sister to the deceased, Jackie Jugbeh Anderson, also explained, “We did not meet the girl in a pool of blood as it has been reported on the death issue”.  Madam Wilson said though she is a medical practitioner, she could not perform any medical test alone in order to pronounce the death of Jackie.

According to her, this was done along with another medical practitioner, Lawrence B. Clark, during which time they observed lacerations on her lips and scratches on her neck; but there was nothing like pool of blood. “Even though we did not go checking into the vagina but there was nothing seen around the valve as penetration,” Madam Wilson added.

Other family members including Andre N. Anderson, a brother to the deceased also said they were admonished that his parents’ revelation was exactly what occurred and he could not comment further.

Meanwhile, the deceased will be buried on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

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