Farmington Hotel Makes Huge Donation -Gives 100bags of cement to Charlesville Clinic 

By: Matthew H. Turry 

MONROVIA – As part of its social corporate responsibility, the Farmington Hotel has on Monday, February 13, 2023, made a donation of 100 bags of cement to the Charlesville Community Clinic in Margibi County towards the extension of facility project of the institute at a brief but impressive program witnessed by top management staff of both institutions.

Presenting the donation on behalf of Farmington Hotel, the Human Resource Manager, Mr. Samuel Jimlack urges the management to use the donation for the intended purpose. He said upon receiving a communication from the Clinic, his management move swiftly to attach importance to the request as it recognized the vital status of the health sector in the country.

“When we received your communication, because it has to do with health, and we as an entity we attach importance to health. We hope the cement will be use for the internal purpose”, he said.

He noted that giving back to the people is not the first by the institution. He added that they have identified with clinics and hospitals in Margibi County and it’s environ. While naming some of the beneficiaries of the Hotel’s kind gesture, Mr. Jimlack named the RIA Clinic, the Dolo Town Orphanage home, and the RIA Police station among others.

“We have identified with the RIA Clinic before, where we provided hanging fans today they are benefiting from it. Not that alone the police station behind the RIA, I am told that the past 8 years that building has been renovated, but Farmington Hotel did it. We were also able to identify with   Orphanage home in Dolo’s Town and we will continue to do it as long the money is there”, he explained.

Receiving the donation on behalf of the Staff of the Charlesville Clinic, the Acting Officer-in-Charge, Mrs. Alice Moore expressed thanks and appreciation to the Farmington family and promised that the donation will be used for the intended purpose. She added that they will implement the project so the Farmington family can trust them to do more

According to Madam Moore, the health facility has been challenged for a while, noting that the Clinic has only three bed room and they can do three patients in one room.

“The clinic has only three bedrooms, we can put three patients in one room and it is challenging, most especially pregnant women, and women need privacy. So we decided to extend the building, even our materials we don’t have place to keep them”, she narrated. 

She said the clinic can receive up to 75 patients a day and they are also challenged with the issue of drugs. She added that it is their partner, Christian Aid that assists them to mitigate the drugs nightmare every month.

“I am appealing to Farming Hotel and partners to come in to help us at least, because the medicine the people give can’t be sufficient. Most of the times when the drugs finish at the end of the day we will give the patients paper to go buy drugs outside”, she said.

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