Dr. Sawyer’s Foundation Empowers UL -Donates 12 Laptops to Department Named in His Honor

MONROVIA – In a bid to continue fostering the vast legacy that Liberia’s late academic and political luminary left, the Amos C. Sawyer Foundation has donated 12 brand-new pieces of laptops to the Amos Sawyer College of Social Sciences and Humanities at the University of Liberia.

Making the donation on behalf of Mrs. Thelma E. Duncan-Sawyer, Chairperson of the Board of the Foundation on November 28, 2022, Dr. Ibrahim Al-bakri Nyei first proffered thanks and appreciation to the President of Liberia, George M. Weah, for making the donation possible, while recalling how Professor Amos Claudius Sawyer spent his life in a quest for knowledge and truth for the advancement of society.

“Today we have come to donate 12 pieces of laptop computer to support your research and teaching agenda. We recognize that as you expand your programs, you will need ICT equipment to be more efficient and productive. The Foundation will continue to support the College moving forward, and these laptops are our initial contributions meant to strengthen your ICT capabilities for teaching and research.

“We would like to thank His Excellency President George Manneh Weah who donated these laptops to the Foundation. President Weah has been supportive of the foundation and other initiatives intended to continue the work of Prof Sawyer.

   “He spent many years at this university as a lecturer and Dean of Liberia College, the College of Social Sciences and Humanities. The Sawyer family and the foundation are gratified and proud that the University of Liberia recognized his contributions and chose to name Liberia College in his honor. There cannot be any greater tribute to a man who committed his talents and career to scholarship, and years of service to this very college,” Dr. Nyei stated.

Going further, Dr. Nyei said Prof Sawyer believed in academic excellence, and the production and contestation of knowledge. He worked to create environments where scholars thrive, contest ideas, promote betterment of humankind. He encouraged us to challenge conventional wisdoms and probe more into things for nuances that reveal alternative understanding and truth.

“We encourage the University of Liberia to continue to provide a free and thriving environment for academic excellence, knowledge production and contestation. However, we think that this cannot be possible without the resources that facilitate research and teaching. We are impressed with the progress made at the Amos Sawyer College of Social Sciences and Humanities, particularly on the establishment of new departments and expansion of its teaching programs.

“We have only come to contribute to your effort at expansion, and to support your research and teaching agenda. You will recall that in June the Foundation donated boxes of assorted stationeries to the Sawyer College.

We hope to continue working together more productively, as we all strive to promote the values of academic excellence, intellectual freedom, and democracy espoused by Professor Amos Claudius Sawyer,” Dr. Nyei stated.

The occasion by the presence of Madam Benetta Joko Tarr, Vice President for Administration, University of Liberia; Dr Josephus Moses Gray, Dean of the Amos Sawyer College of Social Sciences and Humanities, and Members of the Faculty and Staff of the University of Liberia.

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