Demonstrate Commitment Towards Dialogue Document -NAYMOTE Executive Director Implores Govt.

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

 Naymote Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo, wants the Government of Liberia to demonstrate a strong political commitment to implement recommendations of the National Economic Dialogue. Jarwolo says the irking economic debacle being faced affects every Liberian irrespective of status and affiliation.

“The economy is a major problem for Liberia, the economic hardship is sweeping across the country regardless which institution you come from, and if the recommendations are implemented it will solve most of the problems,” he noted

Recently, over 350 Participants from Government, political parties, youth, women, development partners, civil society organizations, institutions of higher learning converged on September 4-6, 2019 and discussed current issues and challenges concerning the Liberian economy.

The National Consensus document on the revival and growth of the Liberian economy highlighted four pillars: (i) mobilization and management of public finance; (ii) promoting investment and growing private sector business; (iii) tackling existing high employment rates amongst the youthful population and the shortage of appropriate skills amongst youth; and (iv) sustaining the peace and bringing about genuine reconciliation.

Speaking in an interview with this paper at his Paynesville office, September 9, 2019, Mr. Jarwolo said the Dialogue was good that it brought people from different backgrounds to participate in a very important national discourse of challenges facing the economy of Liberia and summit findings to the Government of Liberia for action.

The Naymote Executive Director said President George Weah needs to exhibit the political will by ensuring that those recommendations in the National Consensus Document of short and medium terms are put into action.

Though there were many things put forth during the Dialogue, the four pillars that had characterized discussions at the three-day economic Dialogue captured options when implemented that will bring significant progress to the nation’s economy, Jarwolo maintained, adding, “The implementation of the recommendation is a collective team work.”

The Naymote Executive Director said it is time for the government to invest more into community services that will attract revenue generation in the absence of which nothing can be achieved.  “In the absence of revenue generation you cannot get anything going through,” he stressed.

Jarwolo said a government that mobilizes resources and manages it well will greatly impact the economy and will put the country in the right path.

He continued: “People in government should see themselves as civil servants and not scavengers of the national revenues to enrich themselves considering that government is about service to the people.”

As an executive officer of a civil society group, Jarwolo was particular about peace-building and reconciliation. He asserted that without peace it will be difficult to overcome some of the challenges facing the country.

He underscored the need for young people to be trained to become entrepreneurs, to produce different kinds of products that they can market to make livelihood.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jarwolo disclosed that by October 18, 2019, Naymote will be bringing into the country about 75 young people from across 20 countries in Africa, with facilitators outside the country.

He said the gathering will focus on teaching young people on how to become entrepreneur, politician and how to build good leadership scale.

Jarwolo further said Naymote is providing mentorship across the country for 75 young women to be entrepreneur and successful business people.

“We are also working on electoral reforms, and we want to make sure that we change the electoral law, and we are advocating for a new voter registration process,” Eddie Jarwolo revealed.

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