Cummings’ Securities Released from Police’s Quarantine – GOL & ANC Agree On Safety Measures

The government of Liberia and the opposition Alternative National Congress ANC have reached a resolution intended to enhance the security of the ANC’s Political Leader, Mr. Alexander Cummings. The ANC indicated that the five-point resolution was reached at a meeting called by the Ministry of Justice between the two parties.

According to a press release, the ANC noted that the meeting was held between Police Director Police Patrick Sudue and the Deputy Police Director of Police for Operation/102 and the Chief of Staff to Mr. Cummings, Atty. Moriah Yeakula and Security Detail Team headed by Mr. Justin Zigbuo.

During the meeting, the ANC pointed out that the two parties agreed that the two securities quarantined by the police by released; that a security detail of four persons will rotate as pair on a day and night shift and continue to abide by the health protocols; and that the names of the security detail will be provided to the LNP and they will undergo searches before entering the premises.

The ANC release further said that the LNP and security detail of Mr. Cummings will cooperate and coordinate with each other and with the NPHIL staff for the duration of the quarantine; and that a direct communication line is developed and maintained with the LNP and Mr. Cummings’ team to expeditiously address any further issue during this period.

“We want to thank the Liberia Council of Churches and other partners of the government for their intervention and the Ministry of Justice for their response in resolving this matter. We also want to thank all of our partisans, supporters, sympathizers, partners, members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), the media and every Liberian citizen who expressed concerns and joined their voices in holding the government accountable for the safety of Mr. Cummings,” the ANC release indicated.

The release signed by the ANC’s Secretary General Aloysius Toe, asserted that the party looks forward to continue working with the government through the Ministry of Justice/LNP to ensure that its Political Leader remains safe and protected while at a government run quarantine center.

“Mr. Cummings has continued to adhere to all health protocols as the humble and the law-abiding citizen he is. It is our hope that this arrangement with the government remains in place and the security of our leader is taken seriously going forward,” the release concluded.

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