Cummings Hosted As Honored Guest At AEI Luncheon In Washington DC

MONROVIA – The Standard Bear of the ANC the main opposition block leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, was the honored guest at a luncheon hosted by Mr. Michael Rubin, Senior Fellow, Foreign & Defense Policy, America Enterprise Institute (AEI) during his recent visit to Washington, D.C., USA. 

The luncheon was attended by some of the most strategic policy analysts and think tank members in the political capital of the United States of America, Washington DC.

In his welcome remarks, Dr. Rubin observed that even though the United States and the world are faced with many global challenges and crises, these global problems should not take focus away from Liberia, a traditional friend and partner of the United States, which is struggling to consolidate its fragile democracy and sustain post conflict reconstruction.

Liberia and the United States are inextricably linked by history and the United States has an obligation to ensure Liberia remains a bulwark of democracy and defender of American ideals of freedom and liberty in Africa, at the time of rising competition between democracy and autocracy around the world.

Dr. Rubin observed that the current challenges to democracy and human rights  now include Russia`s invasion of Ukraine, COVID Pandemic, world hunger, human and drug trafficking, money laundering and terrorist financing, China-Taiwan tension, and jihadist activities in West Africa.

In response to the lofty toast and conviviality at this select  luncheon gathering, the leader of the Alternative National Congress and main opposition candidate Mr. Alexander B Cummings responded that he was most humbled by the honor shown by Mr. Michael Rubin in hosting the luncheon to hear  his policies and plans for Liberia as the country prepares for the 2023 Presidential elections.

He informed the luncheon guests that he was running to be president of Liberia with a committed-team to fix a broken country and put it on the trajectory for sustained growth and development, bringing with him over thirty years of executive and managerial experience and integrity. That Liberia is too rich to be listed among the poorest countries in the world, and the progress achieved in the immediate post conflict period has been reversed in the last five years of the current government. Rule of law and integrity institutions have been undermined. The security situation in the country has become precarious while the economy teeters on the brink.

Another six years under the current government would make it difficult if not impossible to attract serious investment needed to create jobs and grow the economy. The country would become more and more susceptible to investors of unsavory character and unhealthy activities including human and drug trafficking and money laundering for which the country will not have the political will or mechanism to resist.

He stated that with the right leadership and commitment, Liberia can be turned around. That Congressional support as is being envisioned could go a long way to  help prevent the country from sliding into crisis again and adequate funding for election integrity for 2023 elections is critical.

Mr. Cummings who is arguably the lead opposition candidate in present day Liberia, most especially after a costly attempt by the government and some members of the opposition to prosecute him for forming a united political entity  to wrestle power through elections for the vast majority of people, reminded the august luncheon guests of the huge cost of billions of dollars, that the US government and taxpayers spent to maintain the largest peacekeeping mission to date in the country during the last conflict.

He called for Increased funding by Congress to the Development Finance Corporation, Millennium Challenge Corporation and USAID which would provide needed sources of financing for the re birth of Liberia’s infrastructure, healthcare delivery, education, and agriculture, all of which are in serious state of neglect.

Mr. Cummings noted that the West African subregion is going through transition with Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d`Ivoire and Sierra Leone expected to have elections in the next two years. Guinea is wrestling with its military/civilian transition. Burkina Faso, Guinea, and Mali have all experienced military takeovers recently which are setbacks to the subregion’s commitment to silence the guns and deepening the democratic and peace culture. It is important to have Liberia restored to stability and growth under a committed and sober leadership to play its traditional role as peacemaker, promoter of regional stability and a reliable partner of the United States.

The ANC Leader also had the honor during his visit of meeting with the well-established Policy think-tanks to include Senior Fellows at the Brookings Institution, Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), which are among the most powerful policy  and strategic bodies who help to define U. S. perspectives, policy and focus on various countries around the world

Mr. Cummings shared his deep sense of appreciation and stated that he remains grateful to the partners for always opening their doors to him to advocate for Liberia and presenting his vision for the Liberian people. He expressed profound thanks to the American Enterprise Institute for hosting the Luncheon and affording him this unique opportunity to lay bare his vision for Liberia’s rebirth

He reiterated his determination to chart a new course for Liberia, the only one place all Liberians can truly call home, live well and make it beautiful. Liberia sweet land of Liberty!

Those in attendance amongst US policy-Who is Who-include Mr. Greg Simpkins, Consultant (former Staff Director, Africa Subcommittee, US House of Representatives), Mr. Piero Tozzi, Minority Staff Director for Co-Chairman Congressman Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ), Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, House Subcommittee on Africa, US House of Representatives, Washington, DC, Ms. Tomekah L. Burl, Staff Director, Senior Foreign Policy Advisor, Africa Subcommittee, US House of Representatives, Ms. Donna Charles, Senior Staff Member For Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-NY), House Foreign Affairs Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, DC, Ms. Angele Griffin, Staff Member for, Chairman Gregory Meeks (D-NY), House Foreign Affairs Committee, US House of Representatives, Washington, DC, Mr. Gregory Kearns, Africa Director, International Republican Institute, Washington, DC,  Derek Campbell (Colonel US Marine Corps Reserve), Executive Chairman, African Metals Group, Ltd., London, UK, Dr. Ted Bromund, Senior Research Fellow, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation Washington, DC, Ms. Abbe Jolles, Principal, Abbe Jolles Global Legal, Washington, DC (International Human Rights Litigator, Accredited Defense Counsel for the International Criminal Court), and other high level policymakers and experts.

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