Citizens Group Defends McGill -Condemns attack on Senatorial Hopeful

MONROVIA:  In a strong move to guard against the democratic rights being thwarted to freely choose the candidate of their choice, a mass based citizens group under the banner, Progressive Citizens of Margibi County has risen in stout defense of Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill , the leading senatorial candidate for the ensuing 2023 general election and categorically condemned what the group calls “the uninterrupted wave of Verbal Attacks, Derogatory remarks, ingrained hatred, and piles of vicious lies” meted against Mr. McGill and vowed to massively mobilize and campaign for his resounding victory.

In a press statement issued and released by the group yesterday, they descended heavily on the detractors terming them “group of unscrupulous persons who over the years, have and continue to see Margibi as their financial plantation and fish pond and our people as experimental guinea pigs”, promising to resist them at all cost until Mr. McGill is elected as senator of Margibi County.

“We want to fundamentally acknowledge the fact that democracy is the safest way to express one’s grievances and grievances channeled through the Ballot box are safer than the Bullet. Sadly, what we witnessed last Friday, August 18, fellow Countrymen and women, in a concocted conspiracy styled as a Press briefing led by five (5) of the Seven (7) candidates against Hon. Mcgill, ‘Old man Ballah Zayzay, Mr. Joseph Yapuya, Failed Former Senator, Madam Clarice Yah, former Development Superintendent, now land dealer Joshua Robinson and the lucky Shingo Protest Boy Vandalark Patricks, were anti-Democratic, un-Margibians and loaded with vicious lies and ingrained hate.

“It is noteworthy to state in this Public manner that contrary to these concocted and fomented lies by those candidates who have no real agenda and platforms to bring to our people except falsehoods, Hon. McGill Is a resident of Margibi, particularly, in the Township of Schiefflin and a decent character”, the press release said.

In the press release signed by the spokesman, Israel T. Mayue, the group said among other things that “our decision to overwhelmingly vote for Hon. McGill is based on his enormous contributions to the educational advancement of our youths by evidence of the over 7000 students who are benefitting from Mcgill’s Scholarships, the pavement of the ” Gibi, Wohn roads and economic empowerment of our mothers and sisters, as such, no man can deprive us of this unique to have him as our Senator”.

The release said the allegations levied against Hon. McGill was politically motivated without merit, adding “that it is a blatant and mischievous lie that Hon. McGill is the cause of which the C.H. Rennie Hospital has not been rebuilt.

“These diabolical lies alone have given us enough reason why these Candidates cannot be trusted to occupy our sacred Senate Seat coms October 10. Is Hon. Mcgill the reason why the 800,000 USD appropriated since 2021/2022 has not been used to begin the foundation of the C.H. Hospital? NO!

“That, there is no  Black Cloud over our beloved as  insanely insinuated by Old man Zayzay, little Known Yapuya, failed Clareice Jah, land seller Joshua Robinson, and the lucky Protest Boy, Vandalark Paticks. It is laughable that old man Zayzay would speak about visibility.

“Was Hon. Zayzay not visible when he was badly flogged by the man who he referred to as a scratch card boy” Representative Jones? Fellow county men and women, can a Ballah Zayzay become a Senator given the significant advancement our county has made in the field of intellectual education? No, county men and women! Absolutely No!

“What example will we set for posterity to come when we allow Mr.Zayzay with such a terrible educational background to take our sacred senate seat?

“Fellow county men and women, it is even more sickening than Madam Clarice Jah who was badly wiped by Senator Oscar Cooper after 12 years at the Liberian Senate with little or no direct impact on our county to speak of dark clouds and  political  failure . It is  undeniable and unarguable that Political failure d and Dark cloud are strongly linked and associated with Madam Jah. Madam Clarice Jah is a patent definition of Dark cloud.

“County men, does Mr. Yapuya or watering water have any standing to speak of Unity when he has abused his fellow contractors at the Firestone over the years? Is it, not the same Yapuya who just months ago was running in District 2? How come? Is this Yapuya taking our people as experimental guinea pigs or what?”, the release

Turning to Vandalark Patricks, whom the group refers to as “Lucky Shingo Protest boy”, they asked what has been his impact in the county for which he will be an obstacle to McGill’s election.

“How many youths from Gibi, yahnkollie, Firestone or Mambahn has Mr. Vandalark Patricks helped to cross the Liberian border.  Is this love for the county or patent desperation on the part of these five candidates?

“Brothers and sisters, it is now clear that these candidates are intimidated by Hon. Mcgill’s presence given the wave of development he has brought to our county. Patriotism, in the words of Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, is not written in the constitution but the hearts of men. We are deeply imbued by the wave of transformation Hon. Mcgill has brought to our county and we want to state categorically that, we remain unwavering, unbending in our support to Hon. Mcgill.

“Henceforth, We consider the senseless wave of attacks against Hon. Mcgill as complete hatred and desperation.

“We, therefore call on our people in every nook and corner to rally their support around Hon. McGill for the betterment of our beloved county”, the release concluded.

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