China @ 70 -President Weah Pays Tribute, Extols Relations

Though 102 years difference in independence anniversaries, Liberia being the oldest, the Socialist Republic of China, has played the big-brother role, often spending its taxpayers’ money to respond to Liberia infrastructure and economic needs. The country’s intervention signatures are all over the place, from building public buildings, awarding scholarships, to optioning bagged clean rice to households. At 70 since independence in 1949, Liberia has got to be appreciative and commending, and President George M. Weah was on target last Thursday adoring the “mutually rewarding bilateral relations between our two countries and peoples,” as The Analyst reports.

The President of the Republic, Dr. George Manneh Weah, has recounted the Republic of China’s enormous technical and economic assistance provided in Liberia’s transformative strides and tendered his Government’s heartfelt commendations to the people and government of that country.

The President hailed the excellent bilateral relationship subsisting between Liberia and China, acknowledging a plethora of benefits Liberia has accrued from that relationship.

Speaking Thursday, September 19, 2019 at the Chinese Embassy during events marking the 70th Anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, the Liberian Leader said: “The Government and people of Liberia are very pleased with the level of technical and economic assistance your government and people continue to provide towards Liberia’s development.”

He named some of the most recent China-funded projects as the newly constructed ministerial complex, the new annexes to the Capitol Building, the modern terminal at the RIA, the construction and rehabilitation of several major roads, among many others.

“All of these projects are a testament to China’s significant contribution to the infrastructural development of Liberia,” he stated. “Liberia and China have witnessed significant, comprehensive and tangible progress in the development of our friendship and cooperation since the re-establishment of relations between our two governments.”

“We have proven ourselves as steadfast and reliable partners; and the reason for this is that we treat each other as co-equal partners. We build our relationship on mutual understanding and respect,” President Weah said.

The Liberian Chief Executive pointed to increasing evidence of China’s assistance which by and large focuses on poverty reduction through economic development assistance in line the Government’s development agenda, the Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD) which gears toward improving the economic and social conditions of our people.

The President reaffirmed his government’s one China policy which he noted, amongst other things, underpins the strong ties between the two countries.

“All the progress made under the current Liberia-China relationship is an initiation of the trust and rapport both governments have for each other,” he stressed, pledging to continuously work toward enhancing and strengthening the diplomatic ties between the two countries.

The Liberian President thanked President Xi Jinping, the government and people of China and expressed optimism that both countries will continue will enjoy the blessings of peace, prosperity and sustained economic growth.

Earlier, Chinese’s Ambassador Fu Jijun said Liberia and China have witnessed tremendous progress in their collaboration, and thanked President Weah for recommitting his country to the one-China policy which is at the core of China’s relationship with nations of the world.

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