Brumskine Raps Citizens On Christmas Spirit – Wants Liberians Serve National, Not Personal, Interest

Rarely do opposition persons or groups use festive times, particularly Christmas, to rally the national spirit and speak to the moral and political sensibilities of the citizenry. All Season pleasantries in Liberia are often bundles of exaltations for people in the upper layer of national leadership, and they come from business people and state institutions. Liberty Party Standard-bearer Charles Walker Brumskine has turned the corner this year. He has released a patriotism-parked statement, targeting the generality of the Liberian populous whom he calls upon to align their social, economic and political attitudes with the selfless spirit of Christmas, the supposed birthday of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who laid down his life for the benefit mankind. The Analyst reports.

The opposition Liberty Party, through its Standard Bearer Charles Walker Brumskine, has called on Liberians to put on the true Spirit of Christmas, which he noted does not lie on the decoration on any tree but make a conscientious decision of challenging each other “to have his or her inner light—that is, the way we conduct ourselves—reflect the change that all of us so much desire for our country.”
He said the Spirit of Christmas teaches everyone to place the interest of the family, the interest of the community, and the interest of the nation above our personal interest.
“Those in our country whom God has allowed, during this phase of our national journey, to be in charge of our political, judicial, police, and/or economic power, would well serve our country, all of its people, and themselves, if they would simply follow the example of the original, the ultimate, and the true Spirit of Christmas, a servant-leader who embodied the fullness of Christmas,” Cllr Brumskine said as he lighted a Christmas tree at the headquarters of the Liberty Party yesterday.
“Although He possessed all power, more than any President or King could ever have; while on the Cross he refused to use His power to rescue Himself,” he said further, [Jesus] placed the interest of humanity above His, knowing that He was on a mission to serve and to save others, and not to enrich himself or to be glorified.”
Cllr Brumsine intimated that “the Spirit of Christmas, therefore, reminds us that if our goal is to serve our personal interest, the interest of our fellow Liberians will be forsaken.”
According to him, the Spirit of Christmas is not about how much power one can accumulate, how much power one can exercise over others, but how well power can be used to empower others.
“Today, the Liberty Party joins millions and millions of Christians around the world in celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” the LP Standard Bearer said. “For more than two Centuries the message of Christmas, the message of peace and good will towards all men, has been the cornerstone of the lives of many. This is the Season when we remind ourselves that irrespective of our political persuasion, ethnic background, social class, or even religious belief, we can and must live in peace with our neighbors.”
He added: “On behalf of the Liberty Party family, I now switch on the light of the Liberty Party Christmas Tree. What a beautiful glow of the external lights of this tree! But the Spirit of Christmas is not on this tree or any other tree, regardless of how decorated the tree may be.  Each must make a conscientious decision to have the Spirit of Christmas become a part of his or her life, challenging each to have his or her inner light—that is, the way we conduct ourselves—reflect the change that all of us so much desire for our country.”
He called on Liberians to let the Christmas Message of “peace and good will toward all men” cause them to remember those who are sick, but cannot afford to go to hospital; those who are too old to work, but have no pension; young people who are selling candies and chewing gum on the streets, trying to make a living; and, the homeless and addicts, for whom there is no care.
“For them,” he said, “like Jesus, during this Holiday Season, there will be no room in the Inn. But the compassion and concern of each of us, in one way or the other, will mean so much to them.”

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