Bridge Liberia Under US$5M Investigation -While Founder Shannon May Rides Private Chopper, Liberian Children Suffer

With the House of Representatives finally resolving to investigate Bridge International Academies/Liberia over the purported US$5 million that the education company said it raised on behalf of Liberia for its system operation in Liberia that is supposed to benefit Liberian children, it has been credibly established that Bridge Founder Shannon May has only remitted pittance to the Liberia operation, keeping the rest of the funds in an account in New York.

According to a former Bridge Liberia employee who hails from Kenya, Shannon May has a chopper flying her around in Kenya while the Liberian children are suffering. “Stop using Liberian children to enrich the few. Shannon has a chopper here, flying around. That’s Liberia and other children’s money, which nobody would mind, if the purpose is served, but it’s not,” declared former Bridge staff Linus Letting.

Mr. Letting’s statement comes in the wake of the Thursday, September 17, 2020 session of the House of Representatives, where decisions were made for Bridge to immediately reinstate those employees that were laid off.

Following the session, the House Chief of Clerk, Mildred Sayon, wrote the Minister of Labor, Moses Kollie, that as a result of his appearance before the Honorable House of Representatives in session, along with the Minister of Education and the Management of the Bridge International Academies/Liberia on Thursday, September 17, 2020, the management of Bridge International Academy/Liberia must reinstate those employees that were laid off until the right procedure can be followed through the Labor Ministry.

The House of Representatives also mandated that the Ministry of Labor implements Plenary’s mandate by way of investigation as per the hearing relative to wellbeing along with the House’s Committee on Education and Public Administration to establish a workable way out and report to Plenary in one week, and that the investigation to involve the participation of the Ministry of Education should include the US5,000,000 that Bridge International Academy/Liberia raised on behalf of Liberia for its system operation in Liberia which was disclosed during the appearance of the Bridge International Academy/Liberia this year as to how much of the money was spent to benefit Liberian children.

The Ministry of Education was also mandated to take the appropriate action to address the issue of volunteer teachers that have come out as a consequence of the lay off  or retiring of employees; and the Ministry should work out details in relation to qualification of expatriates and employees of the Bridge International Academy/Liberia and other important issues raised during the hearing.

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