Bility Exposes Sen. Dillon as Ungrateful -Says Dillon Labeled Him “BM” for Favoring Cummings over JNB

As the legal battle amongst current and former constituent members of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) continues unabated, stalwarts of various camps have opened a nasty war in the theatre of public opinion, with Liberty Party Chairman Musa Hassan openly insinuating that Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, is ungrateful to the efforts that he (Bility) made in securing Dillon’s second-term victory during the 2020 Montserrado County Senatorial elections. Bility further disclosed that he only became a “regime collaborator” and a “BM”, after he had favored Cummings and not Ambassador Boakai for the CPP Standard Bearer position.

Taking to his social media platform Monday, Mr. Bility disclosed how at one time he escorted Senator Dillon to Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai to beg the former Vice President to support Dillon’s 2020 senatorial bid.

“I took Dillon to JNB to beg him to support his 2020 Senatorial bid because JNB had complained to me that since Dillon won the 2019 by-election, he’s yet to call him or come over to appreciate him for his role in getting him elected the first time. Dillon and I met Mo Ali with JNB at his house. That’s when Mo Ali took that famous picture with Dillon on his kneels begging the Oldman,” Bility revealed for the first time.

Mr. “UNMIL” at the Rescue

Bility said he also organized a reconciliation meeting between Attorney Moriah Yeakula and Ms. Telia Urey on Zoom in an attempt to ease the tension brewing within the CPP.

“I brokered the impasse in the formation of the CPP when Urey insisted that there would be no VPS and ANC was insisting that there must be VPS to ensure that the ordinary people had a say in who heads the CPP. We were stuck here for almost five months.  I organized a meeting of the Political Leaders at the LP HQ and proposed that we consider taking a bit of the both positions and came up with a suggestion that we can have VPS to satisfy ANC, but it must be nonbinding and the outcome of the VPS shall be made available to the delegates at least 30 days prior to the CPP convention as resource material to help inform their decision. But to satisfy Urey, there must be a Convention where only delegates will decide the CPP tickets. This was accepted by both parties and we overcame the impasse which led to the formation of the CPP. I challenge anyone in the CPP to prove me wrong. Due to Covid, I arranged Zoom and ensured that the FD was finalized in time,” Bility stated, noting that, as a result of his peacemaking roles during the formative years of the CPP, he was popularly referred to as ‘UNMIL’, which means the peacemaker.

“This is why my chairmanship was wildly welcomed and the entire leadership of the CPP graced the occasion of my induction into office in Gbarnga. However, the day I made it clear that I support ABC, I became the worst person on earth. I became a BM. I became a regime collaborator; I became the enemy of the opposition. But we will remain focused on our mission to ensure that Liberia is not going back in time or staying stagnant as it is. We have embarked on a mission to ensure a better future for this country, and nothing will hold us back. Even if we lose the battle, we will save our souls,” Bility lamented stoically.

The statement from Mr. Bility comes in the wake of a grueling legal battle within Liberia’s biggest political opposition over documents tampering, with VP Boakai taking the stand as a prosecution witness in the case against ANC political leader Alexander Cummings and others.

Strangely enough, Cummings’ former Chief of Staff, Attorney Moriah Yeakula, last evening took to social media to vent her own frustrations over what she perceives as the unwarranted attacks against her political leader, especially emanating from a podcast from Senator Dillon on Monday.

“After my exams this week, I will go live for you Abe Darius Dillon. It will be my first live show! Screenshots and RECEIPTS! I will expose your slimy hypocrisy! Ehn you na draw the lines? I will SHINE it for you!!

“Dillon the only balls Musa got in his hands da YOUR balls. In fact you ain’t even got balls. You open your ungrateful mouth n talk about Cummings balls? Are you DRUNK or are you DUMB? Dis 9yr job will end n you’ll be jobless again!” ranted an incensed Moriah Yeakula.

According to the Montserrado County senator, who caused a rude upset for the ruling CDC in the biggest political stronghold in 2019 and 2020 senatorial elections, Mr. Cummings should own up to the illegal deeds of his subordinates and apologize for tampering with the CPP Framework Document.

“I feel for Mr. Cummings. Somebody got his balls in their palm, and they can squeeze it at will. And it depends on how he’s sitting, the pain that he feels,” Dillon stated during his podcast.

Dillon said Cummings should have come out clean long ago by expressing shock over what people under his secretariat had done. “I am shocked that people colluded under my chairmanship to have done this, and I take responsibility,” Dillon said, putting himself in Mr. Cummings’ position and what he Dillon would have done.

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