“A Pitiful Parasite Feeding On Public Coffers” -Martin Kollie blasts Commissioner Eugene Nagbe

In an interview on OK FM on Tuesday, the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority (LiMA) threw a load of jibes at those criticizing him for riding a US$89,943 Chevrolet TaHoe and eating expensive food on social media.

Leading among his critics is exiled Liberian activist, Martin K. N. Kollie, who is also a fierce critic of Pres. George Weah and his government. Commissioner Nagbe accused activist Kollie of being a “sponsored propagandist” of former Foreign Minister, Dr. H. Boimah Fahnbulleh, who is also in exile.

In an exclusive interview with The Analyst Newspaper yesterday’s evening, activist Martin Kollie described commissioner Nagbe as a ‘Pitiful Parasite feeding on Public Coffers’. Activist Kollie further branded Commissioner Nagbe’s claim as a salvo of wild assumptions and falsehoods that has its actual root in delusion and dementia.

Kollie however cautioned Nagbe to find a competitive career in the private sector and stop depending on government’s job even in his old age.

“Mr. Nagbe has zero history of transformational leadership anywhere. He has failed everywhere he has ever served. Since Charles Taylor’s day, what can he show for his service besides cheap gossip and subterfuge. Nagbe has been and remains a beneficiary of political patronage, mediocrity, and reciprocity.  He has been working in government since his teen. Even a parasite is better than this dependent commissioner,” Kollie said.

Kollie said that while Nagbe was having press conferences intended to throw out tantrums for more than 5 years at MICAT, Ghana was earning US$3.3 billion from tourism per year, Tanzania $2.6 billion, Ivory Coast $566 million, Rwanda $549.9 million, Namibia $442.6 million, Togo $272.9 million, Gambia $163.8 million, Sierra Leone $63 million, and Malawi $43.9 million.

“In my opinion, Nagbe has never been fit for any public office, not even ministerial posts. Nagbe only has a BA in Mass Communication from UL and he has since refused to educate himself further than this for more than 2 decades now. He is completely clueless in his current post. He knows absolutely nothing about Maritime Affairs. His interview this morning was a complete waste of time. It was an embarrassing blunder. He could not even state the exact number of vessels/ships that are flying Liberian flag. Nagbe is the least and most incompetent commissioner that LiMA has ever had. His preferment is not only a loss to Liberia but a national disgrace,” Kollie blasted.

“A man like Nagbe should not be anywhere around public office. Nagbe is a mere glutton or foodie. He’s morally bankrupt, academically impotent, intellectually imbalance, physically frail, administratively unfit, and fiscally indiscipline. He needs to be dismissed for his reckless extravagance and arrogance. This longtime hustler lacks vision and innovation. He lied on OK FM again yesterday about buying Chevrolet TaHoe for $50,000. The actual price is $89,943. Here’s my proof: https://www.chevrolet.ca/en/suvs/tahoe. He also bought a Jeep Wrangler for his security guards which costs $63,000 (https://dag.cars/Used-Inventory/2021-Jeep-Wrangler-Toronto-IS95X8Ni0EmFL6CMrPWQ6g?gclid=CjwKCAjw55-HBhAHEiwARMCszku93UQFYoQitDkBs1uT0ogxvTc8eNjn4HQbaMt8rAxJO_DyU83cChoCpWUQAvD_BwE),” activist Kollie took Nagbe to task.

Kollie said that the problem with Liberia is not that Liberia is poor. But because it is being led by a clique of poor criminals like Nagbe and his accomplices.

All effort to talk to Commissioner Nagbe prior to going to press proved fruitless as his phone was switched off.

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