VP Taylor Wants Africa Looks Within, Not Without In search of Transformative Knowledge Towards Success

Liberia’s Vice President, the first Female Vice President of the country, continues to validate praises about her international connection, intellectual prowess and humility. As an inspirational speaker par excellence, domestic and foreign invitations continue to inundate her mail box to come forward and share her wisdom not just in politics and the academics but also in religion. It was not surprised therefore that the Evans Oppong Ministries under the stewardship of Dr. Evans Oppong, founder and Pastor of the City of Faith Ministries based in London, the United Kingdom, invited her at a forum in Accra, Ghana to expound on subjects centered on “knowledge revolution”. Once again, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor was at her best, as The Analyst reports.

Liberia’s Second Citizen, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, is calling on the people of Africa to take their eyes off other civilizations and look within the Continent of Africa to find resources and solutions to intractable problems confronting them.  She said resources and knowledge to transform the people and their standard of living are in abundance in Africa and that the people must aspire for them.

Addressing Knowledge Revolution Conference 2021 held at the local hotel in Accra, Ghana from March 26 – 27, 2021, Vice President Taylor noted: “I am of the opinion that Africa and Africans must take their eyes from the outside World and turn it inwardly. I read a report which surmised that African efforts must key into the information and digital age; and forget about its resources. I was shocked to be reminded in such an open way that the efforts being made by African Governments to industrialize its processed for greater value – must be ignored. So as we listen to the noise, see the effects of the fourth industrial revolution, see the need to unite and work together as Africans and the need to build our African dreams which give us equity- I pray that we keep in mind – that the resources are ours, and that each generation must ensure that they are utilized for the greater good of Africans.”

The conference was organized by the Evans Oppong Ministries under the stewardship of Dr. Evans Oppong, founder and Pastor of the City of Faith Ministries based in London,  the United Kingdom.  Dr. Oppong is a renowned Preacher and Educator who has authored several books packed with wisdom and life transforming knowledge.

She said Africa must invest in education and reskilling programs to ensure that new technology will supplement labor, and must reinforce service delivery at all levels that drive and support innovation.

The Liberian deputy Chief Executive wants institutions and governments on the continent to improve access to physical and digital infrastructure which support advanced technology.

She noted that it must be a priority for the people to unite and process its own resources through the creation of a singular digital market.

“Empower its youth to create a new ecosystem with unrestricted access; embrace the knowledge industrial revolution, but target same to harness our human and natural resources,” the Liberian Vice President said, adding, “create our own Oasis here on the Continent and become the continent of the future.”

According to her, Africa’s generation will soon become the world’s largest potential workforce and secondly that Africa possesses a minimum of 50 percent of the world’s natural resources.

VP Taylor said her mind reels with the limitless possibilities of the Knowledge Revolution which Africa and its people need.

“It is up to this generation to set it in motion,” she stressed. “I pray for the day that – Africa’s Sunshine, Rain and Wind will translate into Sustainable Energy; that Africa’s Gold and Diamonds will translate into; security for African currency; that Africa’s Coltan will power our internet and telecommunications secto; that Africa’s Rubber will be manufactured for our condoms, and surgical gloves and slippers.”

She also expressed the hope that that Africa’s Cocoa will be turned into African Chocolates, that Africa’s granite will be turned into African marble, that Africa’s Iron ore will be turned into steel that will build our New eco-friendly cities and that Africa’s herbs and roots will be made into natural, non-chemical medicines which actually heal.

She implored her audience to seek not just knowledge but wisdom; “that we attach ourselves to the only genuine Source of life – God; that we use the knowledge and wisdom needed to better our Nations, communities and our families. this is our charge to keep. Keeping in mind that – WE ARE THE SALT OF THE EARTH.”

Pointing to knowledge mindset, Madam Taylor called on Africans to embrace wisdom, understanding and knowledge, to view challenges as opportunities, to try different learning opportunities, to value the process over the end results and to cultivate a sense of purpose.”

She also lectured that it was important to “celebrate the we mentality; redefine your priorities; learn to work smart; provide regular opportunities for reflection; place effort above talent; find a balance between the heart and head; and constantly set new goals.”

Meeting Ghanaian Counterpart

According to a release from the office of the Vice President, while in Accra, she paid courtesy visit on Dr. Mohamadu Bawumia, Vice President of the Republic of Ghana.

The two leaders, according to the release, exchanged pleasantries and spoke highly of the existing cordial diplomatic relations between both Nations.

The Vice President welcomed Vice President Howard-Taylor to Ghana and applauded her efforts to contribute to the discourse on knowledge revolution in Africa.

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