NPP Resurrects Itself -Former Foes Eschew Warring Postures Ahead of 2023

The National Patriotic Party (NPP), a constituent member of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), owes its origin in militancy as an offspring of the National Patriotic Front of Liberia, progenitor of “popular uprising” that drifted into full scale civil war for 14 years. The innate gene of militancy bequeath to its members and forerunners still seemingly runs in the veins of its survivors keeping the civil offshoot, NPP, afloat. It was not much surprise for those who follow the militant history when the party got embroiled into a war with itself as its prominent leaders drew lines in the sand in pursuit of each other’s head. For most part of the last three years as a member of the ruling CDC, the NPP remain a fragile party, struggling to find its bearing and sustain an amiable political place not just in the Coalition but also in the nation. Notwithstanding the odd situation of the last few years, it now seems things are getting on track again for the former ruling party, as The Analyst’s Patrick S. Torkpah reports.

At long last the National Patriotic Party has pulled itself from the vast occasion of disorganization and chaos and is now on its way to grab its seat on the political landscape.

The party has not been at peace with itself, and to a large extent losing much weight and comparative advantage to other members of the Coalition for Democratic Change of which it is a constituent member.  The other members as the Congress for Democratic Change and

Key officials of the NPP for well over three years have been at loggerheads with each other over a diverse difference that border on fight for individual supremacy and relevance.

Despite criticisms that the other members of the Coalition, principally the Congress for Democratic Change, made a mistake in aligning with the NPP—a party of jailed former President Charles G. Taylor who pioneered civil war politics in Liberia—it is widely known however that the NPP put up a fierce fight during the 2017 campaign which immensely contributed to the victory of the Coalition.

Since the election and configuration of the new ruling party, the CDC, internal imbroglio has torn the party, leaving it virtually weightless and dismissive in the Liberian political mosaic.

Towards another crucial presidential and general elections in 2023, it has once again begun putting the pieces together to stay relevant and contribute in the rather tough political contestation pending.

A release issued from the final breakthrough in the NPP crisis states that as “the 2023 general and Presidential Elections draw near in Liberia, and political institutions are gearing up or putting their broken pieces together ahead of the elections, one of said institutions is the National Patriotic Party (NPP) of jail former President, Charles G. Taylor has ended a one day reconciliation and dialogue with it members in Gbarnga, Bong County.”

The release quotes the recently appointed chairman for reconciliation of the NPP for three counties, Dr. Roland Massaquoi, that the process to unite the party is intended to reunion members of the party in the County.

The NPP reconciliation and dialogue committee chairman for Margibi, Lofa and Bong Counties said the crisis period within the NPP is over and that it is now time for all members of the party to come together under one umbrella to commit their support to the institution.

Dr Massaquoi is further quoted as saying that the NPP was established in 1997 and has over the years grown into a larger numerical strength, adding that said process is part of the NPP’s reunification, reunion and fundraising process for members across Liberia.

“This reconciliation process is to have everybody reaffirm their membership or commitment to the National Patriotic Party,” Dr. Massaquoi told reporters during in Gbarnga, Bong County, on March 27, 2021 at the end of the one-day reconciliation and dialogue meeting.

According to Dr. Massaquoi, after the reconciliation and dialogue process across the fifteenth sub-political division of Liberia, a Membership and Recruitment Drive will be launched, noting that it would be intended for members of the Party to reaffirm their membership statuses.

He further said the membership drive will so allow others desiring to become NPP members to obtain genuine Membership Identification Card that will allow them to partake in the party’s political activities.

Dr. Massaquoi revealed that recently the Party Membership and Recruitment Drive was officially launched in Monrovia by the Standard bearer of the party, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor, at the party’s newly refurbished National Headquarters in Congo Town, Tubman Boulevard.

Additionally, he said the process is expected to be extended to nearby counties.

Also speaking the chairlady for the NPP Bong County chapter, Wayfa Ciapha, who appeared enthusiastic of the reconciliation and dialogue, expressed excitement and extreme happiness, stating that she is jointing reconciliation and dialogue committee chairman to reconcile members and to put the party on course for 2023.

The NPP Bong County chairlady said she is basically giving her absolute support to the reconciliation and dialogue committee in the County.

She said there have been discussions at the executive committee level to reconcile disenchanted members of the party across the Country, noting, “I support fully the reconciliation and dialogue committees.”

She asserted that the party is very much on course in unifying its members not just in Monrovia, but across the country for a robust participation in the 2023 elections.

“We are all on board, and our party has to move forward. Our party is one of the most democratic parties, one of the most formidable, everybody will have to be on board so that at the end of the day, NPP will be a winner,” the Bong County Chairlady’s added.

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