“Vote for Dillon So Pres. Weah Will Treat You Right” – JV Boima Cautions Voters

The ruling Coalition for Democratic Change government of President George Manneh Weah is not taking anything for granted to snatch the senate seat from incumbent Montserrado County senator Abraham Darius Dillon, as President Weah is said to have instructed officials of his government to ensure that Mr. Dillon is evicted from his Capitol Hill office on December 8, 2020. But as the Dillon philosophy of “Turning the Light on” also keeps gaining traction among the impoverished masses, Boima JV Boima, former Deputy Director for the State Radio, and one of President Weah’s staunchest loyalists who fought in the political trenches to ensure him winning the presidency in 2017, has done a dramatic U-turn. As The Analyst reports, just six days to the decisive December 8 midterm senatorial elections, Mr. Boima, who recently fled the country reportedly for safety after accusing the President of damaging his matrimonial home, has now openly thrown his weight behind Senator Dillon, calling on the voters of Montserrado County to retain Senator Dillon otherwise their lives will never improve.

“I hold no grudge against the government or anyone, in fact, I still remain a card holder and member of the Congress for Democratic Change or the Coalition for Democratic Change by extension. I strongly believe that if they lose Montserrado County in this election, the government will care more for those who sacrificed their lives to make President Weah who he is today. I have decided to therefore make the utmost sacrifice by putting my life on the edge to support and campaign for Senator Abraham Darius Dillon in this election. This decision will make the President value the many people who lost their lives for him,” Mr. Boima stated in a surprising social media post Wednesday, December 2, 2020.

Expounding further on why he thinks it will benefit the voters if they retain Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, Mr. Boima, who is said to be seeking refuge in Europe following reported attempts on his life when he fled Liberia for Sierra Leone, cautioned the voters that if they vote for Senator Dillon, President Weah will value their lives and safety by putting every measure into place that will prevent more secret killings across the country.

“For instance, there are communities in Monrovia that have been in darkness for the last one and some two years, as a result of a breakdown in their transformers; those communities wrote the LEC, and even sent delegations to their Management to fix those issues, however, the LEC and the government only saw the need to fix the issues now after weeks, months and years of abandoning the people in darkness. They are simply telling you that you are only valued when elections are around the corner. Voting for Senator Dillon therefore will make them repair those transformers tomorrow when they break down because 2023 will be just around the corner. They will need your votes again and so, you will be valued and treated well for said moment. There are government officials who have never responded to your calls since they were appointed to their jobs that they got as a result of your votes which you cast for President Weah in 2017, but they are now calling you every day. Some even go to your communities and eat with you just because December 8 will be election day, that is another reason why you should vote for Senator Dillon. Because doing so, will make your leaders and officials respect you more. They will prioritize you more,” JV Boima reasoned.

The CDC stalwart then asked his fellow CDCians why is that the CDC Vocational Center housed at the CDC Headquarters in Congo Town is still at the foundation level or under construction, but the President and some of his close friends continue to build mansions even though there are many loyal CDCians out there direly in need of vocational trainings.

“They only started work on the center again a few days ago because elections are to commence on the 8th of December. After the elections, they will leave you to languish as drug addicts behind the CDC headquarters while they and their families eat sandwiches and fly to Dubai or the US for holidays. When you vote against them and make Senator Dillon, they will value you and do what is right. The government promised to alleviate you from poverty through the implementation of their Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD). They promised to ensure that one million of our fellow compatriots were going to be lifted out of poverty every year until 2023. Tell me which one of your neighbors has become a millionaire since President Dr. Dr. George Weah became President? We have only seen those close to him become mansion owners overnight even though there is no clear evidence that they ever had the first US$10,000 in their accounts prior to now. When you vote for Dillon, they will call another retreat to carve a way to better your lives because 2023 will just be around the corner. You must do all to make this President get to work come December 8 and after. Electing his choice in the most populous county will mean that you support and believe in all that is happening around you. You will simply be telling the world that all the many tears that you have been shedding as a result of the secret killings and bad governance are things that you actually endorse,” Mr. Boima continued to reason particularly with the bloc of loyal CDCians.

“I repeat, I hold no grudge against this government or even the President. But being a loyal person who went all out to make him President in 2017, I believe that he has gone out of touch with all of you. I want the President to come back to his office and work. Look at what is happening around you today; our people no longer feel safe. Our streets are deserted before 8 pm for fear that you may be the next victim of a serial killer. Dead bodies float on our rivers every day, yet we are not fighting war. This must stop by voting Senator Dillon to send a message that you are not happy at all. It’s about time that we vote right. Whether you are a supporter of President Weah like me or a non-supporter, I urge all of you to vote for the leading opposition candidate so that the government that you overwhelmingly voted for can go back to work,” JV Boima stated.

“Did you put President Weah in power for you to wake up every morning and go to Minister Samuel D. Tweah’s house and stand at his gate to beg for handouts? Did you vote President Weah into office for you to line up every morning at the fence of Minister Samuel McGill all because of food? No, you simply voted for him to better your life and make you happier. No one should ask me why now; these are things that I had raised before and even raised as my reason for departing terms with this government. I know my life is on the edge evidenced by the harassment and intimidation that they tried to subject me to while in Sierra Leone and what they have meted against my sons and their mom back in Monrovia since I fled for my life. Liberians, I am very sure that you do not want to flee your country like me. You want to sit and have a conversation with your family every day. I am therefore encouraging all of you to vote for Senator Dillon come December 8, 2020. Do not listen to their “party remain Supreme” talk when the Party is only Supreme during elections and neglect you after elections,” Mr. Boima stated empathically.

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