UL’s Visitor Lauded -For Digitizing UL and Tuition Free Enrolment

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.


The acting chairman of Board of Trustees of the University of Liberia (UL), Sinoe County Electoral District #3 Representative Matthew G. Zarzar has commended President George Manneh Weah for the level of works done in improving the standard of the State run University.

Speaking at program in commemoration of the 100th commencement celebration held at the Auditorium of the University of Liberia on Monday, March 11, 2019 on the UL Main Campus on Capitol Hill, the Sinoe County lawmaker who is also the Chairman of the Committee on Education at the House of Representatives said the Liberian leader deserved commendation for breaking a longstanding barrier which has hampered students and administrative activities at the UL over the years.

Representative Zarzar indicated that during their time at the University, there were many properties of the UL destroyed by students, including doors as a result of struggle by students fighting their way through to have their registration done on time and ahead of others.

The Representative pointed out that the administration of President George Weah has changed the old order of registration and enrolment by digitizing every process at the UL.

“We want to tell the President thank you for the level of works done so far to improve the standard of the University of Liberia; in the time past when we were students at the University here, we broke doors on numerous occasions just to get registered. But today, registration is done through a digital process [which makes it easier than before]…,” Rep. Zarzar said.

He asserted that the digitization of the University of Liberia’s activities has brought relief to the students and administration of the State-run institution in the processing of documents as well as other data processes.

The UL Chairman of the Board of Trustees also lauded the President for declaring a tuition free education at all public Universities and Colleges in the country, especially at the University of Liberia.

“One thing I to want thank the President for again is the declaration to make all public Universities and Colleges tuition free mainly the University of Liberia, I remember when we at the University here, we were paying $75 and yet still some of us could not afford, we were still begging for scholarship” Rep. Zarzar asserted.

According to him, every work that a government must do for it people is a process and therefore urging citizens to give the resident time to allow him address those major issues confronting the country’s education system, noting that Article 6 of the Liberian constitution obligates the government to educate its citizens.

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