SUP Elects Martin Kollie Torchbearer – Accuses Govt of Raising Surrogate Group

Announcing election of Student Activist Martin Kollie as the their new Standard-bearer, the Students Unification Party (SUP) of the University of Liberia has alleged plans that by the Government of Liberia to sponsor renegade and pro-regime groups to create crisis on the campuses of the University of Liberia in the name of calling for ‘elections’

The student’s party noted that SUPists are already ahead of this “glaring machination” which they said designed by agent provocateurs, noting that the party shall remain in the pursuit of social justice, academic freedom, and peace to ensure its fulfillment of the compelling and nationalistic obligation to always remain the moral compass and fountain of consciousness throughout this Country.

The Student Political party noted that Since October 1970, history has bestowed upon the party what they called a sacred mission in which they vowed to hold in high esteem with a sense of resilience and unhindered patriotism which continues to drive our collective inspiration and aspiration for a NEW LIBERIA.

In a press statement signed by S. Ephraim T. Nyumah and approved by Carlos Tingban Edison, Secretary General and Chairman of SUP respectively, Sup announced that its Secretary General emeritus Martin K. N. Kollie was duly and democratically elected as our new Standard Bearer on Friday, January 4, 2019, after a rigorous scrutiny which is in conformity with our Constitution, Philosophy and Tradition.

“Comrade Kollie will now bear the Standard of our Party until the 30th Congressional Gathering of the Vanguard Student Unification Party. We call on all militants, veterans, students and Liberians to accord him the full courtesy and support as we remain overly confident in his ability to lead thousands of students with humility, integrity, acuity and loyalty,” the statement said.

The statement said it has been observed in almost every corner that since comrade Kollie was elected Standard Bearer of our Party, this ‘pro-poor’ government has been unsettled and troubled about his ascendancy, noting that there is an ongoing conspiracy to undermine his leadership.

The party called on all students to stand with and by them in times like these, noting that remains the last hope for Liberian in the fight against societal ills.

“Currently, the UL student he party said the government is sponsoring renegade and pro-regime groups to create crisis on the campuses of the University of Liberia in the name of calling for ‘elections’. We are already ahead of this glaring machination designed by agent provocateurs!” the party indicated.

“We shall enviously safeguard this cherished legacy upon which we have a bonding commitment never to compromise or fall prey to any form of intimidation or inducement from fifth columnists, corporate thieves, petite crooks, and pro-regime capitalists,” the student group asserted.

They accused the President of violating the constitution and during these very difficult moments in our Country’s democracy, apparently considering it unfortunate especially when the constitution is being violated by the President who took oath to protect it; wishing Liberians a happy and prosperous 2019 “as we unite to save our State from collapsing in utter peril”

They recalled that SUP has been consistently calling on administration to conduct popular democratic elections since 2013. Sadly, every effort in this regard has failed. SUP believes in democracy and would appreciate elections when established structures and procedures are put in place and followed in line with the existing MOU that gave birth to the University of Liberia Student Interim Leadership (ULSIL).

According to the MOU, it is ULSIL that has the authority to conduct elections after a thorough review and adoption of the ULSU’s Constitution through Referendum. “We must uphold THE LAW and adhere to all PROCEDURES. Even if we have elections 1,000,000 times, SUP will but win; but THE RIGHT THING must be done.

The students said they are aware that that the overriding motive of this calls for elections is sinister. SUP will vehemently oppose any premature call for elections which is embellished in a well-designed plot that is mainly being orchestrated by government since the ascendancy of comrade Martin K. N. Kollie as Standard Bearer of our Party.

The Students indicated that the voices of their detractors and cynics have become so lousy only because comrade Kollie is about to assume the Presidency of ULSIL/ULSU which they see as a threat.

The statement of SUP said they have no choice because the Presidency of ULSIL exclusively belongs to SUP according to the current interim arrangement. Furthermore, there must be an existing structure in line with this agreement before any election can be conducted. We are ready to defend this with our teeth, sweat and blood. The government must refrain from instigating potential chaos and violence at the State-run University.

Besides, the new SUP leadership called on high schools not to recognize the current leadership of the Liberian Student Union.  “Yesterday we listened to one of the auxiliaries of the CDC Youth Wing calling itself LINSU.

“The Liberia National Student Union (LINSU) we knew is no more and we call on all students from high schools and institutions of higher learning to give no credence or recognition to any pro-regime LINSU because those claiming to be ‘leaders’ of LINSU are puppets, junkies, and regime stooges who have no ideas about the people’s revolution. They are sellouts, idol worshippers, and neophytes who care more about what goes in their deep pockets from the new ruling clique,” the students said.

The accentuated that this CDC LINSU cannot represent the students population, indicating that all ‘leaders’ of this CDC LINSU, who have become regime puppets, came to power on white ballot through a 4G and an undemocratic process.

“ULSU as the largest constituent member of LINSU does not recognize this dubious arrangement. Therefore, we now officially announce the establishment of a paralleled organization named and styled “The Liberia National Conscious Student Union (LINCSU)” which will now represent the full interest of all students across Liberia. The full leadership structures for various counties, high schools and universities/colleges will be released shortly.

“We call on all our international and national partners (INGOs and NGOs) not to do any business with CDC LINSU because majority of Liberian students do not recognize it due to its dubious and sycophantic nature,” the statement said.

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