‘Stop Verbal Attacks On Bishop Winker’ – Religious Advisor Says there’s no Declaration Without Revelation

Both Psalm at 105:15 and 1 Chronicles at 16:22 are unanimous in their admonition against any form of attack against the Almighty’s prophets or faithful servants. Most Liberians professing to be Christians hardly heed the admonition. They say and do anything to men and women of God spending hours of the day interceding for the nation and invoking God’s bless on the people. Politics have worsened the situation, blinding the eyes of many to see what God can say and do through His devout stewards. Bishop Isaac Winker has fallen to the onslaught. Sooner he declared the chances of President George Weah and his administration bright and prosperous for Liberians and doom to naysayers and detractors, apparently politically charged section of the public descended on the Man of God. Some have been crusade and vulgar, prompting the Religious Advisor to President Weah to call for an immediate halt to all the diatribes and gibberish. The Analyst reports.


The Religious Advisor to President George Manneh Weah, Rev. M. Emmanuel Nimely, has strongly advised Liberians raining profanities on one of the “spiritual fathers of the land”, Archbishop Isaac Winker”, to stop their attacks on him.

“For Liberia to remain in the spirit of unity, it is important that Liberians follow the example of the religious community and religious leaders in the country,” Rev. Nimely stressed.

The spiritual advisor indicated that governments and their leaders are appointed by God and biblically next to God on earth, pointing out that leaders should not be vilified as ambassadors of God to peoples of the land.

Rev. Nimely  spoke to an Executive Mansion reporter on the barrage of criticism against Archbishop Winker for his sermon at the thanksgiving service commemorating the first year of the Coalition for Democratic Change *CDC) in office.

The Thanksgiving service, held on Tuesday at the Dominion Christian Fellowship over which the Arch Bishop presides, received in audience President Weah and members of the CDC government joined by Liberia’s developmental partners and the ordinary people.

Weighing on the barrage of criticisms against Archbishop Winker, the presidential advisor for religious affairs advised that those who have embarked on a campaign of profanities against Arch Bishop Winker, an anointed man of God,  for a prophetic declaration made during the thanksgiving should understand that Bishop Winker is one of the spiritual voices interceding for the country and must therefore be given deserving respect by people, including those who may not want to belief in his spiritual prophetic declaration in the country.


Rev. Nimely said Archbishop Winker is ordained by God who would not make any prophetic declaration was not revealed to him by God through the Holy Spirit.

“The Bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm,” the Presidential Spiritual advisor reminded the critics of Bishop Winker.

According to Rev. Nimely, Archbishop Winker is anointed by God Almighty to direct the spiritual affairs of Liberia. He pointed out that he would not therefore make any spiritual and prophetic declaration concerning Liberia that that was not revealed to him.

At the same time, Presidential Religious Advisor Nimely thanked members of the Liberian religious community for standing with the administration of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led by President George Manneh Weah.

He praised the religious community of setting a good example of promoting peace, love, unity and those outstanding good examples that are tied promoting national spiritual healing, cleansing, national unity and reconciliation among Liberians.

Archbishop Winker’s sermon

It can be recalled that Archbishop Winker prayed during the thanksgiving services that “God will rise up against anyone who will rise up against the leadership of President Weah.”

Rev. Winker declared that he was making a prophetic declaration over Liberia. He declared:  “I want to throw out one piece of challenge. I stand representing the Church to plead with you in the midst of storm, opposition, bad mouthing, don’t fail the Church. When man says it cannot happen, the God that we serve – He has called you among others to serve. Keep your hands in His hands, you’re bound to succeed.”

Hear the Dominion Christian Fellowship Archbishop:  “I decree and declare that Liberians be committed to their country with true patriotism and nationalistic spirit. If you love Liberia, you’ll not be doing what you’re doing. Those of you on social media, who are painting your nation ugly, who are you harming? You’re harming yourself. If no food comes to this country, President Weah and his family would be the last people to run out of food. You need to know that.”

Archbishop added that the enemy fights in different forms, any one, any leader with a heart for his people needs the prayer of believers – Christians and all well-meaning Liberians. Because there are forces that vowed that what you promised as a leader would not be delivered. “…. All the politicians in this place today here me: If you don’t support the person in power today, there will be no support for you tomorrow…, the archbishop noted.

Public reactions

The clergyman’s comments have been greeted with a storm of criticisms from diverse segments of the public including the opposition bloc, student groups and even the religious community which Rev. Winkler claimed to be representing during the event.

But his sermon received dozens of criticisms with many from the political and religious sectors accusing him of misinterpreting the teaching of the scriptures for selfish reasons. One of the critics said it was unfortunate for Archbishop Winkler to use the Bible and pulpit to bully people who speak against ills in the society.

Another indicated, “Nobody should hide behind the Bible and the pulpit in the name of Man of God to think they can bully or coward some of us into submission, we will support our country and our government but when [they do] the wrong things, we will condemn it and criticize it, and proffer the proper suggestions and find the way forward. “You can be Pope or whoever but when you use the pulpit to say the wrong thing in the name of God, we will rebuke that person.”

One of the critics said it is rather surprising that Clergyman like Bishop Winker would claimed to be speaking on behalf of the Church in Liberia exercising moral authority to speak truth to power, he turned ‘blind eye’ on the real issues and resolved to join the group of praise singers for his selfish gains.

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