Selective Arrest Unacceptable -UP Chairman Discloses; Promises Mass Opposition Protest

By Sallu K.Swaray

Unity Party Chairman Wilmot PAYE says the arrest of few officials of the Central Banks of Liberia (CBL) should not be a witch hunt for only few groups of people, but instead it should be extended to others who are duty-bearers implicated in the alleged 16 billion Liberian dollar reports. Chairman Paye indicated that the report pointed to Finance Minister Samuel Tweah and the Central Bank of Liberia Governor Nathaniel Patray by their ranking in government as serious culprits in the money saga in the country.

The UP Chair noted that the four opposition collaborating parties are bound to lead a public protest for the arrest of those being shielded by the government, adding that the opposition is prepared to host a mass demonstration of the four opposition collaborating political parties to ensure compliance with the dictates of the reports

Mr. Moa Ali who appeared on the 50-50 Talk-show moderated by their host T. Max Jlateh, also agreed with Mr. Paye who said there are other officials in the George Weah administration who knew or have knowledge of/or are linked to the alleged stolen LD$ 16 Billion and the US$ 25 Million Dollars and should also be brought to book.

The arrest of the present personalities by the Liberian government should go across beyond party lines to ensure that the Liberian people and the international community believe that the merits of the arrest and trial of the defendants are transparent.

Mr. Paye said President Weah, upon his return to the country from a visit from State of Israel, vindicated his government from the scandal which in fact pointed to the performance the  of his Minister of Finance and Economic Development contrary to the USAID sponsored Kroll report and the report by the Presidential Investigative Committee.

Paye said President Weah should have first tried to get firsthand information on the report, read and digest it before his determination vindicating the CDC government, since the report was release in his absence thereby ordering Central Bank of Liberia officials in person of Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hagba amongst others arrested.

Mr. PAYE and Ali of the Unity Party indicated both reports by USAID-sponsored Kroll report and the Presidential Investigative Technical Committee have found serious discrepancies in the handling and distribution of the US$25 million to mop-up the excess Liberian dollar liquidity, and noted that the manner in which the transaction went was unorthodox and defies professional monetary transaction as stated by both reports.

They said the Minister of Finance Samuel Tweah told the people of Liberia that the mop-up exercise was done through unregistered entities which the report said is unorthodox, thereby making the  Finance Minister as the Chair of the government Economic Team culpable to the scandal of the mop-up exercise and should therefore be arrested as well.

They wondered why the two CBL officials should be apprehended, leaving out others who are also prime suspects in the disappearance of the US$ 25 Million and LD$ 16 Billion Dollars saying that there are people in this present government who should be held accountable as well for the money.

The UP stalwarts critically analyzed the two reports publicly and noted that if the two CBL officials should be prosecuted, they should be prosecuted for the missing money, the court should ensure fair jurisprudent and credible trial other than just witch-hunting Charles Sirleaf, Dorbor Hagba and others.

Mr. Paye stated that in cases like this, this is time the Government should prove itself right so as not to dwell on selective justice; and leaving out some of the key prime suspects who are officials in the CDC government.

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