“Second Independent Autopsy on Track” -Family Source Affirms Princess Cooper Case Not Abandoned

When the lifeless body a young and vibrant Princess Cooper was discovered in a pool of blood inside the Fawaz Building Material Store compound at the ELWA Junction in Paynesville in March of this year, the public became incensed over the tragic, unexplained death; and called on the government to immediately launch an investigation.

But with the Government’s initial autopsy establishing the cause of Ms. Cooper’s death as natural due to tuberculosis, family members of the deceased as well the general public overwhelmingly rebuffed the report, leading to President George M. Weah calling for a second independent autopsy, specifically demanded by family members of the deceased.

The seemingly long lull regarding information on the conduct of a second independent autopsy has however been causing jitters nationwide, as the public keeps speculating that the death of Princess Cooper will be another business as usual occurrence, without any closure insight. The Analyst has however discovered from close family sources of the deceased that the conduct of a second independent is well on course.

According to a highly placed family source of the late Princess Cooper who spoke with The Analyst on the basis of anonymity, it is not true that the Prince Cooper case has been abandoned.

“I heard on one local radio station this morning that the Princess Cooper case has been abandoned and it will die a natural death. That’s not true. Following the meeting with the family (including family, mother and lawyer), the Liberia Council of Churches and the Ministry of Justice on April 19, 2022, the family submitted the names of two Pathologists (male and female) from The Philippines after one week.

“The Government-appointed committee contacted the pathologists and one of them submitted their terms and conditions. However the process of coming to Liberia according to the pathologists is a daunting one because it requires both government and institutional clearances in The Philippines due to COVID pandemic and strict health protocols,” the source indicated.

The family has accordingly reaffirmed their confidence in the contacted pathologists while the government has requested a letter from the family on this because of the time it will take for their clearances to be issued, the source further disclosed.

“The pathologists suggest a review of previous work on hand while they process their clearances. That’s where the late Princess Cooper’s autopsy arrangement is at the moment,” the family source indicated.

 Meanwhile, the source said, while the family continues to appreciate the Government of Liberia for underwriting a second expert forensic investigation regarding the cause of Princess’ death, the family was constrained to demand a second autopsy due to the maltreatment they received at the hands of the police when they protested the first autopsy result which stated that Princess Cooper died from tuberculosis.

“But we are now on course,” the family source stated confidently.

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