River Gee To Benefit From TVet Education -As Sarbo Foundation Turns Over Institution to Lawmaker

MONROVIA – River-Gee County is to benefit from a technical and vocational institution as the Sarbo Unity Foundation Inc. has turned over the Center for Vocational Training Institute in Sarbo-Karwekean District to the people of the County through their lawmaker, River Gee County District # 3 Representative, Francis Saidy Dopoh, II for use by the Government of Liberia and the people of River Gee County.

Speaking yesterday at the Conference Room of the Capitol Building during a brief ceremony for the exchange of notes for the turnover of the Center for Vocational Training Institute, the Program Director and board member of the Foundation, Franklin W. Tweh said the turning over of the school by the Foundation is in realization of the fact that the government and the foundation have the same educational goal to build a technical and vocational institute in River-Gee considering that the county is struggling for an educational facility such as a vocational and training institute.

He said it is against this backdrop that “… living son of Sarbo, Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh has authorized me, Franklin W. Tweh, Program Administrator and Board Member of the Sarbo Unity Foundation, Inc, to turn over the Gyude Wiah Tweh Center for Vocational Training Institute for its intended use by the Government of Liberia in the county.”

Mr. Tweh explained that the Sarbo Unity Foundation is a not-for-profit established in 2012 with the aim of improving the living condition of the people of the Sarbo tribe in Liberia, noting that the foundation has sponsored 22 students and is still sponsoring students in higher institutions of learning in Liberia, in addition to providing charity to individuals and churches throughout Liberia.

Mr. Tweh indicated that research conducted by the foundation in 2017 found a need for a technical and vocation training institute in River-Gee at a time there was no high school in the native town of the vision bearer, Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh.

“This has incited him to increase the choice to build the educational facility turned over in Sarbo-Swenken to help his tribal people in River-Gee County.  He got this school to help bring relief to the unschooled population and parents with mega income across the Sarbo tribe in River-Gee County.

While the foundation was underwriting the construction of the Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh Center for Vocational Training Institute, he narrated that the government has legislated a vocational and technical training institute called the “River-Gee Vocational and Technical Training Institute”, a shared interest for which the Center has been turned over to the government for use.

Accordingly, Mr. Tweh maintained that the resident in the Sarbo-Swenken belt will accrued the direct benefits from the exercise to include Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh Merit Scholarship for students of Sarbo origin and the allotment of some merit margin preference for employment of people of Sarbo origin.

Mr. Tweh, who is a brother of Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh, then turned the Institute over to the River Gee County District # 3 Representative, Francis Saidy Dopoh, II, for use by the Government of Liberia and the people of River Gee County.

Receiving the turnover note, , River Gee County District # 3 Representative, Francis Saidy Dopoh, II thanked Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh for the confidence reposed in him as representative of the district which encouraged him to turn over a  school facility constructed by the Sarbo Unity Foundation Inc.

Rep. Dopoh confirmed that a legislation was already passed by the House for the establishment of the River Gee Vocational Technical Training Institute (RGVTTI), but added that since there is now a school facility established by Dr. Gyude W. Tweh through the auspices of the Sarbo Unity Foundation to house the RGVTTI, he is pleased that the facility is made available to the government for use to impact knowledge and skills to the youth of the county, especially students in the Sarbo District.

Rep. Dopoh implores others who hailed from River Gee County to follow the fine examples of Dr. Gyude Wiah Tweh, a scientist living in the United States of America, who is making significant contributions in the area of education in his own County in River Gee.

Also speaking at the occasion, the former River Gee County Representatives Christian Chea recalled efforts made in the past for the creation of River Gee County, and then thanked Dr. Gyude W.Tweh and all those connected to the gesture of turning over the institute to the government for the use of the people of River-Gee.

The Chief Stenographer of the House of Representatives, Cephas Geply also attended the occasion. Mr. Geply said there was a purpose for the creation of River Gee County, stating “We don’t want to create confusion bordering on criticizing without doing anything.  Mr. Geply maintained that there was a purpose for which they wanted a county status, and added that one of purposes is what the occasion of yesterday was about.

He described as “a blessing” the opportunity afforded the county through you Rep.  Dopoh and noted that, despite this, the development initiatives of the county should not only remain in education, but more of other good opportunities that will enhance the development of the county.

The turning over of the institution was witnessed by cross sections of River-Geeans, including commissioner of River Gee County William Quaye, who joyfully sang songs of praises to their lawmaker and the representative of the foundation, especially Dr. Tweh.

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