RHRAP Organizes Inception Meeting -Launches Revolving Drug Fund Advocacy Project in Gbarnga

MONROVIA : The Rural Human Rights Activists Program (RHRAP), With grant support from the Civil Society Agency (CSA), a USAID funded project, is implementing the project “Civil Society Advocacy and Monitoring of Revolving Drug Funds (RDFs)” geared towards improving the quality of healthcare services, particularly policies, practices, and models involving all stakeholders.

On the 18 of July 2023, RHRAP organized an Inception meeting at the Gbarnga City YMCA Building that brought together 25 participants including community representatives, the Bong County health facility board members, the health facility development committee (HFDCs) members, the County Health Officer, District Health Officer, Clinic Officer in Charge (OIC) hospital staff amongst others. The Inception meeting was followed by the launching of the project on the 19th of July 2023 at the CB Dunbar Hospital in Gbarnga City, Bong County, which was hugely attended by various stakeholders, as well as patient’s majority of who are teenage baby mothers, and those that are carrying babies (pregnant teenagers).  The intent of the meeting and launching is to promote Collaborative Problem Mechanism (CPSM) between and amongst stakeholders in establishing an effective RDF scheme in Liberia leaving no one behind.

The Revolving Drug Fund (RDF) was introduced in Liberia in 1986 during the Samuel Doe’s regime to ensure the availability of drugs to enhance the quality of Liberia health services. However, the system collapsed due to the civil crisis. With the understanding that RDF Scheme is an African model that best work in providing adequate healthcare system, this project has been developed by RHRAP and funded by CSA through UDAID to work with health practitioners, the National Legislature, and citizens across various sectors to improve Liberia’s healthcare system especially the RDF scheme that will work for all.

The RDF scheme is a system whereby the revenue generated from the sales of drugs to patients is used to purchase new drugs and ensure availability, an effective and efficient system. The overall education and advocacy goal of this project is to advocate for Revolving Drug Fund (RDF) scheme policies that will guide the implementation of the RDF scheme including operations, administrative and financial management systems, government funding, patients’ fees and exemptions, amongst others that will serve as a vehicle for enhancing the implementation of the RDF Scheme in Liberia.

The action seeks to improve RDF management and effectiveness that promotes citizen access to quality pharmaceutical drugs. The objectives of the program are to identify operational health facilities utilizing the RDF initiative in both Bong and Lofa Counties; Determine the RDF stock status, its availability and operational procedures at these health facilities and the consequences in the administration, management, and financing of the RDF at both Bong and Lofa counties RDF health facilities; to determine whether the RDF is readily available and affordable to patients, and if it has rational use at public health facilities in Bong and Lofa counties; and finally, to advocate and monitor RDF activities at the health facilities in Bong and Lofa Counties.

On the overall, the program seeks to strengthen stakeholders at various levels to work together to improve the quality of healthcare services, particularly, policies, practices, and models leaving no one behind.

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